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ZIGURAT launches five new postgraduate courses in Artificial Intelligence, Industrialised Construction, Sanitation, and Foundations


In a constant commitment to excellence and cutting-edge education, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has launched five new postgraduate courses for April 2024. These will be added to ZIGURAT's Spanish, English, and Portuguese academic offers. 

For four months, the new courses aim to provide highly specialised training so that professionals can master the fields that are rewriting today's rules and that will lay the foundations for everything that will define tomorrow. 

Since its inception, ZIGURAT has been a pioneer in educational innovation, and this launch reaffirms its commitment to constantly evolve to offer high-quality programmes that respond to the current and future demands of the construction sector.

Postgraduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence applied to Construction

It's not about jumping on a trend; it's about deciding when to take the leap. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to transform the construction sector from the ground up. It revolutionises projects by improving planning, reducing errors, optimising resource allocation and enhancing safety.

This 4-month programme provides students with the tools they need to harness the power of AI and open up a world of career opportunities. A pioneering course where creativity, technology, and impact come together. 

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Curso de Posgrado en Cimentaciones Profundas y Muros de Contención

Foundation design is a critical construction component, requiring a solid understanding of geotechnical and structural engineering. This specialised programme in Deep Foundations and Retaining Walls provides a cutting-edge technical approach that addresses the most complex aspects of this process. 

It is designed to equip you with the necessary design, construction management and geotechnical engineering skills based on real cases. You will also learn to use specialised software such as CYPE and GEO5

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Curso de Posgrado en Construcción Industrializada

In this Industrialised Construction Course, you will explore in detail the advantages of this type of construction and the processes that have become prominent in the industry. Learn about the importance of transportation, assembly and disassembly, traceability, and the latest approvals shaping this new paradigm in construction.

Industrialised construction is intrinsically linked to digitalisationsustainability, energy efficiency and circularity. These variables are part of the contents and how to include them in manufacturing processes, logistics, assembly and supplier management, gaining critical skills in this growing area.

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Curso de Aperfeiçoamento em BIM para Saneamento

Designed for civil, industrial, and environmental engineers, agronomists and public administration professionals, we present a 4-month programme that will change how you approach sanitation projects. 

Immerse yourself in live sessions and up-to-date content, where you will acquire advanced skills in applying Building Information Modelling (BIM), specifically in the sanitation sector. From the essential principles to integrating information throughout the lifecycle of sanitation projects, hone your skills in the design, operation, and maintenance of sanitation infrastructure and excel in your future projects.

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