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Zigurat holds an online debate that addresses the accelerating impact that COVID-19 will have on the digital transformation


DigIT: Unlocking the Power of Digital will take place on April 22nd at 6.00 PM CEST. The health crisis we're currently living due to the COVID-19 has given a whole new dimension to how we use and interact with digital technologies. And it has made us wonder if our society is ready to face the aftermath of the pandemic reshaped by a digital transformation in business and private life.   It's in this context that Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School organizes DigIT - Unlocking the Power of Digital, an online event that will take place on April 22, at 6:00 PM and where the most innovative and present technologies, platforms and end markets will be discussed in relation to the effects that the pandemic has on how business is done. The speakers to take the "stage" are: Erik Van Haaren, who will address logistics and supply chain in the context of COVID-19; Voyislav Stojanovic follows with how to sell in a lockdown; Martin Piqueras, who will delve into remote working and remote leadership; Juan Carlos Gutierrez,  who will explore the augmented reality remote assistance solutions; and, finally, Jordi Damià, who will go all in on artificial intelligence for advanced customer prediction analysis and its uses for demand planning and for creating COVID imaging in early patients. 
Each speaker will join the event via video call to discuss a topic related to his area of expertise.
  All the speakers announced are management experts, tech thinkers and industry leaders who will contribute their fullest knowledge about the current reality of technological innovations and introduce the growth alternatives available to companies, industries and policymakers. This distinguished group of business world professionals is made up almost in its entirety by the members of the Global MBA in Digital Business faculty board. Register for the free online event to get your share of good advice, a functioning action plan and an overview of long-term ramifications that will reshape our relationship with technology for good. Register here