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A new edition of ZIGURAT's master's and postgraduate programmes begins


Online classes for 15 master's and postgraduate programmes at ZIGURAT Institute of Technology start this November.

On this occasion, more than 750 students worldwide have placed their trust in the institution to broaden their knowledge and improve their career prospects in the architecture, engineering, and technology sectors. In this way, these new students join the more than 20,000 Alumni of the ZIGURAT community. 

Two schools with leading programmes

ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has two schools: the School of the Built Environment, focused on architecture and engineering, and the School of Tech Management, related to the latest technological innovations

On the School of the Built Environment side, masters and postgraduate programmes have started in the following areas: BIM Management, Construction Management, Structural Engineering and MEP Facilities Engineering. 

On the other hand, the School of Tech Management is launching master's and postgraduate programmes to train its students in areas such as Smart Cities, Digital Business, Blockchain and Virtual Reality. 

A pivotal moment to advance your career

The semester begins with live inaugural sessions offered by ZIGURAT's academic and teaching team. These aim to warmly welcome all new students and guide them through this new stage full of learning that will lead them to become future leaders in the sector.