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New edition of AGORA BIM 2021 announced


Three days, three sessions, three different BIM perspectives that will bring us a global and updated look at what are the keys to success when approaching a BIM project. Under this premise will take place the new edition of AGORA BIM organized by Zigurat, which once again will bring together experts from the E & C (Engineering & Construction) sector. On this occasion, it will be held on April 6, 7, and 8. In June last year, AGORA BIM World 2020 was born, and with it an event that would set a precedent in analyzing and keeping up to date with the state of BIM worldwide. While on that occasion we focused on analyzing the different degrees of BIM adoption on the planet, with representation from each and every one of the continents, this time we opened the spectrum and focused on addressing those essential aspects that determine the success of a BIM project. To this end, we will once again have international representation. Each of the days of AGORA BIM 2021 will feature English, Portuguese and Spanish language presentations, as well as round tables that will revolve around an established theme. The first day will focus on interoperability. The second will focus on contract management and transparency. The third will focus on traceability in project communication and team management systems.As it could not be otherwise, among the various world experts who will participate, we will have the professors and BIM Management master’s programs directors of Zigurat, such as Stefan Mordue, Oscar Liébana and Agustí Jardi. In addition to our faculty board, AGORA BIM also counts on the participation of our academic partners CIAT and CanBIM, who certify our BIM management master's programs. Among the invited experts are Scott Chatterton (BIM Technical Director for BIM One Inc., Member of Board of Directors for CanBIM), Geraldine Rayner (Managing Principal at Summit BIM, Head of the CanBIM Development, Asset Management & Lifecycle Think Tank), Stuart Hadfield (Director at Studio KMA), Dan Rossiter (Fellow of CIAT and Sector Lead of Built Environment at BSI Group).See you at AGORA BIM on April 6, 7 & 8:Register for free