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The inaugural conferences of master’s programs are a wrap and the work towards professional goals begins


From 4 to 12 May, 11 new master's degree courses were inaugurated and thousands of new students took the first step towards achieving their professional aim. It’s for the first time during the almost two decades of imparting professionalizing masters that Zigurat Global Institute of Technology has under its belt,  that so many programs are inaugurated in the period of one week with 1-2 inaugurations per day. And all this at a time when the academic team, directors and professors have had to prepare for conferences remotely and could not make use of the usual studio setup.  However, thanks to Zigurat's outstanding track record in the online training sector and especially in the exercise of teaching virtual and interactive live classes on a weekly basis, all the conferences that brought together thousands of students and some one hundred members of the faculty board were successfully concluded.  We congratulate the members of these 11 Master's programs and wish them all the best on their learning journey: More about Zigurat and its methodology:  Zigurat Global Institute of Technology offers master's degrees in the fields of architecture, engineering and business innovation with a special focus on preparing professionals from all fields in the best possible way for the inevitable digitalization of their sector and thus helping them to ensure better career opportunities.  To achieve this, Zigurat's methodology is based on learning-by-doing and real projects that are worked in a synchronous collaborative way in online environments.The main objective of our institution has always been to provide a learning experience beyond mere online, an experience that allows access from any distance to the latest knowledge of the market.