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Global Blockchain Summit is Approaching


On March 11 and 12, Zigurat invites its audience to attend Global Blockchain Summit 2021. Taking place in two days, this online conference gathers industry influencers and tech visionaries to help the newcomers to the technology explore its potential uses and to offer a status meeting for the old-timers of the blockchain space.Mainstream adoption of blockchain has been in the cards for some time now. How has it taken off in different industries and in which direction is the blockchain space evolving are the major questions to be answered in this edition of the Global Blockchain Summit. After a year of accelerated digital agendas and reevaluating tech priorities, we’ve invited experts from the front lines of implementation to share their take on how this revolutionary-for-businesses technology is gaining ground among innovation activities.Global Blockchain Summit kicks off on the 11th of March, under the motto “From exotic to mainstream”. The first day is dedicated to exploring blockchain adoption in different industries and offering a global outlook of what's to come. For that, we will have with us Michael Gebert, the chairman and founding member of the European Blockchain Association (EBA). His presentation will take us on a journey into the last decade of blockchain technology and its disruptive impact on businesses and industries around the world. To speak about the blockchain-based decentralized finance ecosystem, we will have with us Giovanni Lesna, an alumnus of our Blockchain Master’s program and current student of our MBA program. The next speaker Iryna Tsimashenka, Developer Evangelist at R3 will introduce us to Corda, an open-source blockchain platform that enables next-gen transparency, security, and efficiency in business. In the final presentation of the day, we take a more industry-specific look at accounting. Hamman Schoonwinkel, Chartered Accountant, lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch and a current student of the Global Master's in Blockchain Technologies, will explain how recording transactions on a communal blockchain could reduce reconciling differences between the records of companies.On March 12, we resume the event under the motto “From idea to impact”.Focusing on actionable outcomes, we will explore the solutions that blockchain provides to different day-to-day problems. First, we will explore now a topic very close to our hearts, that of building smarter cities. For this intervention, we will have with us Elena Pasquali, the CEO of EcoSteer, an IoT & Blockchain software start-up. Blockchain can reconcile Data Privacy of billions of connected devices in cities by permitting citizens to control access to their IoT live data. The second perspective of the day will take us to finance and asset-tokenization. Lafayette Tabor, the Founder of DEUS finance, will explain how the DEUS idea was conceived and how it solved a major bottleneck in the industry by bringing uncensorable stocks to the different blockchain. We continue our exploration of solutions that make our lives easier. For the next presentation, we have with us Rebecca Johnson, a blockchain architect and a founding member of the European Blockchain Association. She will share with us her work at Datarella and their blockchain-based parking solution: M-Zone Parking Liquidity Protocol. The final presentation of the Global Blockchain Summit will help us understand how fundraising looks like in the age of blockchain. We will be joined by JonJon Clark, Co-founder of Wildcards, a blockchain-based platform that connects global conservation organizations to users. In his presentation, we will learn about their project for social, gamified, and transparent giving.We hope to see you at Global Blockchain Summit 2021, the go-to online conference for all your blockchain insights! Attend Global Blockchain Summit 2021