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Estruture-se Takes a Look Behind the Scenes of the Most Influential Structural Projects of the Moment from Brazil and Abroad


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology proposes an 3-day online event that features recognized professionals of structural engineering of local and international background and experience. Estruture-se will take place from August 4 to 6. For Zigurat, Structural Engineering has always been one of the main areas of instruction and since the very beginning, it has been addressed from a very practical project-based point of view.  In that sense, Estruture-se is built on the same values and follows the invited engineers behind the scenes of ground-breaking projects they have led. From August 4 to 6, this free and exclusive cycle of conferences will show the participants how structures shape our living environment and the role of new technologies in improving the design and construction processes, bringing fresh air and vision to the sector. The project complexity will be approached with a selection of high-quality examples of engineering that will contribute a different perspective to the structural value. On the first day, Carles Romea, industrial engineer and director of Máster Internacional en Estructuras Metálicas y Mixtas de Edificación will set the presentations in motion by speaking about the evolution of structural engineering since industrial revolution. This historical perspective is followed by a present outlook to the structural engineering in Brazil carried out by ABECE who collaborates in the organization of Estruture-se. The session will continue with two presentations on metal elements and metal construction.  On the second day, Rafael Rigoni, the professor of Master Internacional em Estruturas de Edificações, will talk about Reality Capture. And it’s under the technological note, that the rest of the presentations will also unfold. Dionísio Augusto Americano de Neves e Souza, Technical Manager at Proger Engenharia Ltda will explore the new workflows and the presentation of structural projects in BIM methodology environments. The session will continue with a novel approach to nZEB and nZIB brought by BAC – Engineering Consultancy Group (Spain). And to conclude the second day,  Generative Design for structural modeling will come into focus in a presentation by Ricardo Freitas, BIM Ux at Athie Wohnrath, the largest architectural firm in Brazil.  The final day counts with another professor of Master Internacional em Estruturas de Edificações, Aarão Ferreira Lima Neto introducing his projects. The session ends with a round table where more members of the faculty board, such as Li Chong Lee and Rogério Lima among others, will discuss structures in remote times.   Check out Estruture-se to learn about innovative solutions and help boost the Structural Engineering sector in Brazil.  Register for free: Register for free