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The eighth issue of Mosaic explores Smart Cities as a true urban revolution


ZIGURAT inaugurates 2024 by publishing a new edition of its iconic magazine, Mosaic. This issue comes with a renewed format and focuses on Smart Cities, specifically the Barcelona’s Superblocks. 

ZIGURAT Institute of Technology publishes a new edition of its magazine Mosaic, created through the voices of its teaching and Alumni community and aimed at all professionals and enthusiasts of architecture, engineering, and technology. 

The eighth issue of Mosaic delves into the fascinating world of Smart Cities, which combine innovation and responsibility to create more humane, sustainable and participatory urban environments.

To this end, the magazine's central report explores the lights and shadows of Barcelona's Superblocks and contrasts this project with Dubai's smart city project. Likewise, the issue also emphasises other related concepts necessary for the configuration of future cities, such as sustainability and equity in the construction sector. Finally, it focuses on the key tools and methodologies to achieve this global urban revolution, such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Agile

At ZIGURAT, we firmly believe that continuous training and curiosity catalyse innovation. Therefore, we invite you to be inspired by the stories and projects we share and to continue learning with us. 

In addition, this 2024 Mosaic comes with new content, a revamped format, and new sections to convey high-value articles and reports in an even clearer and more practical way. 

The magazine is available in digital format to access from any device. To read it, click the download banner and fill in the form. If you prefer, it is also available in Spanish.