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Construweek, the new era of technology in the construction industry


The second edition of the Construweek, an online event devoted to the most revolutionary initiatives currently being implemented in the construction sector, will take place on June 20, 21, and 22 in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. It will give us the chance to get to know the most innovative companies' solutions to increase efficiency, control, and safety in the phases of design, construction, and maintenance.  In recent years, the construction industry has been growing exponentially, mainly because technology has proven to be the best ally in speeding up projects, reducing costs, improving safety, and promoting sustainable construction.  This is why more and more companies working in the construction industry are embracing path-breaking initiatives. Indeed, this stance amounts to a transformation that meets the current demands for efficiency and sustainability. Both stakeholders and the new participants and investors are aware of the potential of the innovation projects in the construction sector. Being open and prepared to implement new initiatives with the help of technology is mandatory to achieve the current objectives of the sector. For this reason, the second edition of this online event will count on the participation of companies that stand out for their innovative solutions in the phases of design, construction, and maintenance. In this edition, which will take place on June 20, 21 and 22, participants will have the opportunity to attend presentations in three languages.