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Collaborating for Impact: BIMAfrica & ZIGURAT Institute of Technology

BIMAfrica and ZIGURAT Institute of Technology have renewed their strategic collaboration. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our collective pursuit of excellence and innovation in our respective domains.

Joining Forces to Shape a Better Future

The Significance of This Partnership:

  • Fostering Innovation: As organizations that are committed to driving innovation in our fields, this collaboration will serve as a crucible for transformative ideas and solutions, significantly elevating our capacity for innovation.

  • Access to Expertise: ZIGURAT, renowned for its educational excellence and experienced faculty, will provide BIMAfrica members access to an invaluable repository of knowledge and resources. This will bolster our capabilities and enhance our capacity to devise pioneering solutions.

  • Professional Advancement: For those seeking to advance their careers within BIMAfrica, this partnership offers a unique opportunity for specialized training and skill development, enabling accelerated growth and personal development.

  • Global Outreach: Together, we share a common vision of enhancing insurance accessibility and efficacy on a global scale. Through this partnership, we are primed to extend our influence far beyond our current boundaries.

Special Training Discounts for Members!

BIMAfrica members can benefit from discounts in cutting-edge ZIGURAT courses designed by industry experts.

They can bridge the gap between theory and practice in our English programmes:

  • Master’s in Global BIM Management

  • Master's in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS

  • Master's in Global Smart City Management

  • Postgraduate Programme in Sustainable Architecture and Construction

  • Postgraduate Programme in Parametric Design with Visual Programming in BIM

  • Postgraduate Programme in Virtual Reality for Architecture

Check out the programmes here.

We are very enthusiastic about this partnership and the transformative potential it holds and look forward to navigating this path together!