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ZIGURAT Renews its Building Transformations Certification to Elevate BIM Management Education

ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has announced the renewal of its agreement with Building Transformations (CanBIM), thereby reaffirming its commitment to providing cutting-edge BIM training through its master's programmes: the Master's in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS, and the Master's in Global BIM Management. Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, these programmes are designed to meet the highest training standards, in line with current industry demands and the latest technological advancements.

The CanBIM Certification from Building Transformations, renowned for its rigour, sets the benchmarks for BIM competence and process management, specifically aimed at educational institutions and training providers. This certification ensures programmes meet industry-recognised learning outcomes, equipping students with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in an increasingly digital work environment.

"The mission of Building Transformations aligns perfectly with ours, particularly in terms of information accessibility, leadership in changing mindsets, and the pursuit of excellence," says Monalisa Martins, Institutional Engagement Manager at ZIGURAT. "It's truly inspiring how Building Transformations strives to promote and enrich our built environment, fostering a strong community of top-tier professionals," she adds.

The certification process by Building Transformations is meticulously designed to ensure that educational programmes from entities like ZIGURAT not only meet but exceed the growing demands of the construction and design sector. With renewals every two years, this process ensures constant alignment with industrial standards and the development of key competencies for today's challenges.

This collaboration also opens the door for ZIGURAT students to obtain the CanBIM Foundations Certification upon completing their studies, a recognition that validates their BIM ability and readiness, positioning them as standout candidates for employers in this new digital era of the sector.

With the renewal of this agreement, ZIGURAT demonstrates its firm commitment to educational excellence. By integrating these certified programmes into its academic offering, ZIGURAT not only supports the professional growth of its students but also contributes to the global advancement of BIM practices.