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This 2024, boost your education with a discount of up to 20%.


ZIGURAT Institute of Technology is launching its Early Bird offers in January to promote higher education among professionals in architecture and engineering.

The beginning of a new year represents new opportunities, goals, and objectives. It is a moment of reflection for many people, and recognizing this, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has decided to launch an Early Bird campaign in January to enhance the education of architecture and engineering professionals and help them achieve their professional goals in 2024.

This discount of up to 20% on tuition applies to all interested individuals who request information during January for postgraduate programs starting in April and master's programs commencing in May. To request information, you can do so through the web form of the master's or postgraduate program of your interest.

Take the definitive leap in your career

ZIGURAT's master's and postgraduate programs focus on a wide range of knowledge relevant to industry professionals: BIM Management, Construction Management, Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering, and Tech Management.

In addition, the programs follow a methodology endorsed by the industry, academic sphere, and professional institutions. An example is that all ZIGURAT master's programs have a dual degree from the Institut de Formació Continua IL3 of the University of Barcelona. Moreover, ZIGURAT is an official school of some of the leading companies in the sector and is part of international professional associations.

Beyond academic excellence, ZIGURAT is focused on creating global communities: you will learn from active professionals and collaborate with peers worldwide. Ultimately, being a ZIGURAT student means joining a large community of over 20,000 individuals from 120 nationalities, opening doors to a world of possibilities and networking.

Master's or Postgraduate Programmes?

Master's programmes are one-year courses providing deep insight into broad topics. They are an excellent alternative for professionals aiming to climb the career ladder and transition from a specialist role to a managerial or executive position.

On the other hand, postgraduate programmes are four-month courses focused on a particular topic, allowing you to become an expert in the field and position yourself in a specific sector quickly and effectively.