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BIMCommunity to cover Bentley's "Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference" in Singapore


For the second year in the row, BIMCommunity, Zigurat's BIM portal and a site of reference in the AEC industry for BIM, will travel to Southeast Asia to witness and broadcast one of the industry's most important events: Bentley's Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference. The meeting, the last edition of which was held in London, will this time take place at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from 21 to 24 of October.
  As Singapore is dressing up to host the Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference, the attendants are also preparing themselves for the event of international magnitude that will bring together the top experts of design, construction and infrastructure backgrounds. As its name indicates, this three-days conference in Singapore is intended to be the most prestigious infrastructure event of the year. The inspiring content of this event will be the engine, while the recommended practices and different technological points of view to achieve the digitalization, the fuel. At Zigurat and BIMCommunity, we are always on the watch out and gathering insights into where the industry is headed to share with the rest of the AEC sector.

Digital experts, strategic partners, world-renowned brands

The agenda is made up of various activities, from custom programs to conferences, forums and panel discussions. One of the highlights will be the content encompassed in ACCELERATE, which will take place in the technology pavilion and will include individual talks with experts in Bentley products, among others. Undoubtedly, it is a golden opportunity to discover how to boost efficiency through multidisciplinary workflows. Participants of the caliber of Keith Clarke (CBE, FREng, FICE, RIBA) or Ayesha Khanna (Co-Founder and CEO at ADDO AI) give a good idea of the level of professionals with whom we will have the pleasure of learning and sharing opinions. The presence of Bentley's strategic partners, who work at benchmark companies such as Atos, Microsoft, Siemens, and Topcon, will undoubtedly also be a great incentive. Beyond the live broadcasts organized by Bentley, BIMCommunity will cover the course of all the technical workshops and the most prominent lectures of the Bentley Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference. If you wish to attend, you can register below. Register Now