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BIMCommunity consolidated as the largest BIM platform in the world


Zigurat Global Institute of Technology’s BIM platform, BIMCommunity, surpasses 20,000 active users, establishing a BIM community that has grown 73% since 2019 and is already the most significant globally. To celebrate, the platform is making some BIM courses available for free.

BIMCommunity has been chosen as the world’s largest BIM platform on global and international scales. The BIM’s channel, born in 2015 as a Zigurat Global Institute of Technology project focused on bringing together professionals and companies in the BIM field, stands today as the BIM network with the most active users, approximately 20,000.. Supported by leading digitalization companies in the Engineering & Construction sector, such as Bentley Systems or Leica Geosystems, BIMCommunity is positioned as the current international “BIM voice,” offering recent content, case studies, events, and job offers worldwide.BIM Managers, Construction Project Managers, Urban Planners... Europe, North America, the Middle East, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Since the creation of BIMCommunity, the plurality of regions and profiles has been the main characteristic we want to preserve. The platform has built a valuable audience and a network of supporting partners throughout its seven years of existence, including renowned companies such as Bentley Systems, Leica Geosystems, BIM&CO, Cype, BuildingSMART Spain, and BEXEL Consulting. In addition, working as a platform for disseminating BIM content, BIMCommunity is now also the reference place that many companies in the industry rely on to promote their services. The network continues to increase, with more and more users subscribing to the platform and its dissemination channels. On Linkedin, the network already has more than 35,000 followers, which means a 600% growth in the last three years. Are you interested in promoting your services? BIMCommunity has tailored services available. Request more information.Access BIM courses for free on the Rooftop platform.