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Global Master’s in Quantum Technologies for Business Transformation

1 academic year
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November 2024
60 (ECTS)
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Double degree
Institut de Formació Contínua-IL3
ZIGURAT Institute of Technology
Shape the future of the economy by applying quantum concepts in your business

Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey into the future?

In this course, you will learn the foundations of quantum physics and its applications on computing, economy and finance, organisational design and new business models. You will explore the incredible potential of quantum technologies to address pressing challenges of mankind through the use of  quantum algorithms and (hybrid) quantum computing.

With the guidance of world-renowned experts in the field, hands-on projects, and real-world applications, you will acquire the skills managers and leaders need to shape the future of the economy by applying quantum concepts in your business decision-making and leadership, along with the philosophical implications of quantum theory.

Academic content

60 (ECTS)

Block 1

Quantum Goods & Services

In the “Quantum Goods & Services” block, students will explore use-cases and current developments of quantum technologies. This includes the current state of development and production of quantum hardware, software, and other products and services that make use of quantum mechanics.

Block 2

Quantum Economics, Finance and Money

The “Quantum Economics, Finance and Money” block explores the impact of quantum technologies on financial and economic systems. This includes cryptography, security, and risk management, as well as the development of new financial instruments and investment strategies.

Block 3

Quantum Organization

The “Quantum Organization” focuses on the potential impact of (quantum) technologies on organisations, including leadership, management and decision-making, and aims to develop new models and methods for improving organisational performance. The use of quantum-inspired algorithms to solve complex organisational problems is a practical area of interest, as is the transfer of quantum physics principles to organisational structures for greater agility, adaptability, and resilience creating dynamic organisations.

Block 4

Quantum Human

This block applies quantum mechanics principles to model complex cognitive processes, potentially leading to a new understanding of what it means to be a human in the age of exponential technologies, in which Human-Machine interaction is becoming the norm and more and more human tasks are getting replaced by machines. Additionally, “Quantum Human” examines the impact of quantum technologies on human health, cognition, and behaviour, including quantum biology, quantum neuroscience, and quantum psychology.


Master’s Final Thesis

The main objective of the Final Master’s Thesis is to put into practice the knowledge acquired by developing one of the following projects, among which the student can choose from:

· Quantum-inspired models for management and organisations (Leadership Track)
· The potential of quantum technologies for business use-cases (Entrepreneurial Trac ·k)
· Development of a quantum algorithm (Tech Track) ·
· The impact of quantum technologies on the economy (Economics Track)

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