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BIM Management

Master’s in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS

1 academic year
Starts in
October 2024
60 ects
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Double degree
Institut de Formació Contínua-IL3
ZIGURAT Institute of Technology
100% real civil engineering projects, focused on sustainable and resilient infrastructures

Make a global impact with this BIM Management Master in Civil Engineering and GIS

Implement digitisation in all project stages - planning, design, construction, as well as the operation and maintenance of the works- with this BIM and GIS Master in Civil Engineering.

Through the practical use of the best software on the market, this programme will enable you to achieve greater traceability and transparency in infrastructure projects as well as public tenders. Prepare a Highway project with emphasis on the disciplines of geometry, earthworks, and drainage as the final work of this master in GIS.

Guided by leading professionals in the BIM sector, this master in civil engineering will allow you to work in collaboration at an international level, based on 100% real civil engineering projects, focused on building more sustainable and resilient infrastructures, taking care of the balance between three fundamental axes: technology, processes and people.

Academic content

60 ects

Block 1

BIM Management

Module 1. Data Management

Module 2. OpenBIM and Collaborative practices

Block 2

Data collection for Infrastructure Projects and GIS

Module 3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
and Cartography Reality capture systems

Block 3

BIM for infrastructure projects

Module 4. Road Design Model and Technical documentation management  

Module 5. BIM for complementary projects: drainage systems and structures

Module 6A. Railroad Design Model (Option 1)

Module 6B. Water supply network and Sanitary Sewer Design Model (Option 2)

Block 4

Construction of infrastructure in BIM

Module 7. Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and 4D BIM Planning

Module 8. Construction Budget (BIM 5D), Monitoring and Control

Block 5

Maintenance of infrastructure in BIM

Module 9. Asset Lifecycle Management

Module 10A. Railroad conservation and improvement (Option 1)

Module 10B. Operation and maintenance of sanitation systems (Option 2)


Master's Final Thesis

The Master's Final Thesis is a collaborative teamwork exercise that simulates a real project  of a linear infrastructure, using openBIM methodology. Through hands-on participation, students develop essential skills in working collaboratively to produce deliverables for a real-world project.

Faculty board


James Daniel

Head of Digital Engineering at HS2 Ltd.

Clare Taylor

Head of Digital Delivery at MWH Treatment

Ahmed Sharaf

Water and Wastewater Engineer at M2 Engineering

Bruno Busnardo

Associate Civil Engineering at Beca Group

Mohammad Mayouf

Course Leader for MSc Digital Construction at Birmingham City University

Karol Argasiński

CEO & Founder at BIMfaktoria

Bruno Mota

Associate Director for Assystem and Lean Director at SIPPRO

Mostafa ElAshmawy

Managing Director of ProLine Engineering Services, LLC

Omar Habib

Co-Founder & CTO at WiiGroup

BIM and GIS make your life and work easier and more accurate. You can link all your data and have all your stakeholders in one place.
The Master’s in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS has helped me boost my knowledge in the BIM industry and exchange with my professors and colleagues to learn from their experiences.

The ZIGURAT methodology

Digital, transformative education, based on real people and real projects.

Active & Social Learning

Training based on participation and collaboration

Studying at ZIGURAT means expanding your professional network and having the unique opportunity to participate in selective working groups, decided on through the expertise of our professors: leaders in technological innovation and construction.

Lifelong Support

A holistic view of the professional profile

From the initial orientation to post-Master's advice, we guide you to have a critical and 360º vision of your future as an expert in the sector.

Online Experience

Interactive and flexible digital experiences

Through live sessions with industry leaders and high-quality materials on global case studies, our learning approach adapts well to the hybrid pace of today's professionals.



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Submission of documentation
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Admissions Committee
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Admission decision
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Follow the enrolment steps indicated by the advisor.

Admission Request

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ZIGURAT also offers financial aid plans, which 2,000 students have benefited from since we were founded. If you would like to find out more about these plans, you can do so by clicking on the link Institutional Grants.

Applications are open until the end of the available places and financial endowment of each program.

What is GIS?

GIS is a geographic information system used to store, analyze, and display spatial-related data. The data can come from sources such as maps, satellite images, GPS measurements, and databases. GIS can be utilized in various ways within the construction industry. It can aid in site selection, planning and design, project management, and asset management. GIS provides accurate and detailed spatial data, real-time monitoring, and data-driven decision-making, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and better project outcomes.

I am not a civil engineer. Is it possible for me to pursue a Master's degree in BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS?

The Master's in BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS could be a valuable addition to your skillset if you are working with infrastructure, as it would provide you with knowledge and skills in the technical aspects of construction and the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) technology in design and analysis. GIS can be used to analyze geographic data and create visual representations of spatial relationships, which can be useful in designing and managing building projects. If you are interested in growing your career as a BIM manager, but not so focused on GIS, you may consider the Global Master in BIM Management as an option.

How will the Master's program equip me with the necessary skills to use BIM software effectively?

During the Master's program, you will receive comprehensive training in 19 different software programs in BIM. The program is designed to provide you with a strong foundational understanding of the software's capabilities and how to use it effectively. Additionally, you will gain the necessary knowledge to assess which software works best for specific projects and manage teams accordingly.

Can I work on projects related to tunnels, bridges, nuclear plants, or other industrial facilities during the program?

The Master’s in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS program focuses on two main paths: Railroad Design Model or Water supply network and Sanitary Sewer Design Model. While you can choose one of these paths, you will have access to both of them. The program's curriculum is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and experience to work on a wide range of civil engineering projects, including tunnels, bridges, nuclear plants, and industrial facilities. While you will work on projects in groups, you will be provided with guidelines and mentorship to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.

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