Master's in Global BIM Management in Civil Engineering and GIS

This Master’s Degree has been designed to make engineers, architects, and construction companies leaders and BIM Managers in the infrastructure industry.

Dual degree

Duration: 1 academic year (60 ECTS)

Get the most out of BIM applied to infrastructure engineering

Acquire the skills to develop, manage and model BIM infrastructure projects

Increase productivity by organizing project data and monitoring complex projects

Fast-Track to the new era of integrated engineering and technology in construction

The goals of the Master


Choose the most appropriate tools and BIM software according to the phase and type of the project you are working on.


Lead multidisciplinary teams  to increase efficiency and profitability in your projects.


Optimize resources, reduce costs and decrease project delivery time of your projects.


Integrate BIM and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and use them as a platform to analyze and manage information.


Deliver detailed outcomes with agreed objectives. during the entire life cycle of the construction project.


Create and manage BIM Execution Plans (BEP), and learn how to collaboratively develop workflows, processes, and strategies.

James Daniel

Master’s Director – Head of Digital

He is a digital transformation and innovation specialist, with a proven track record of leading and implementing strategies and new technologies. Find out how this program can boost your career in BIM for Infrastructure.

A Master’s focused on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals.

What will you learn?

Block 1. BIM Management

M1. Data Management

M2. OpenBIM and Collaborative practices

Block 2. Data collection for infrastructure projects and GIS

M3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography Reality capture systems

Block 3. BIM for infrastructure projects

M4. Road Design Model and Technical documentation management

M5. BIM for complementary projects: drainage systems and structures

M6A. Railroad Design Model (Option 1)

M6B. Water supply network and Sanitary sewer Design Model (Option 2)

Block 4. Construction of infrastructure in BIM

M7. Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and 4D BIM Planning

M8. Construction Budget (BIM 5D), Monitoring and Control

Block 5. Maintenance of infrastructure in BIM

M9. Asset Lifecycle Management

M10A. Railroad conservation and improvement (Option 1)

M10B. Operation and maintenance of sanitation systems (Option 2)

Master’s final project

You will develop a highway Master’s final project in which you will apply the knowledge acquired during the Master’s. It will be given special emphasis on the disciplines of geometry, earthworks, and drainage.

Conoce a los directores del programa


Italian Trulli Director del Máster

Codirector del Máster Internacional en Construcción Circular

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos especializado en Ingeniería Estructural. CEO de BAC Engineering Consultancy Group.


Italian Trulli Director del Máster

Codirector del Máster Internacional en Construcción Circular

Biólogo. Cofundador y director de la consultora EcoIntelligentGrowth S.L,parte del Grupo Construcía. Experto en Innovación y Construcción Circular. Embajador Cradle to Cradle.

Un Máster BIM con un equipo
docente internacional de primer nivel

El profesorado de este Máster BIM Online está formado por profesionales que están liderando los proyectos BIM de referencia del sector


The Alumni platform, specially designed for you, provides all the resources to help complement your technical and personal profile. By becoming part of the Zigurat community, you will benefit from all the synergies that will be generated around you to push your professional growth.

Our training is a 360º experience

Zigurat Ecosystem, beyond the Online

International Weeks, our Global Networking


University of Derby

La University of Derby convalida el primer año de formación para la consecución del MSc (Master of Science) a todos los que realicen unos de los Másteres BIM de Zigurat.

This Master has a degree by IL3-University of Barcelona, ranked the best university in Spain by:

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