Integrating Laser Scanning and BIM Workflows – Use Cases

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Presented by:


Amjad Elmasri

Senior BIM / Geomatics Engineer / Facility Manager

Responsible for implementing advanced geomatics technologies such as Indoor Mobile Mapping System, terrestrial static scanner, UAV and machine control. Responsible for establishing workflows for as-built BIM modeling based on point cloud data. Responsible for developing BIM models for road, highway and railway infrastructure projects.


Laser scanning is considered one of the modern and advanced tools for digitizing any kind of existing structures. It has the capability to translate and depict the existing situation digitally to our computers providing us with further capabilities for analysis, modifications and comparison. Laser scanning started to constitute an integral part of the digitization world. As a result the connection with the Building Information Modelling is considered inevitable since within an integrated platform the laser scanning represent the as built condition and BIM reflects the as-designed vision. In this presentation we will demonstrate to the audience how these two technologies are interacting side by side in the current digitization era. The presentation contains as well case studies and several examples where a combined implementation took place.

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