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At ZIGURAT, we believe that collaboration is the key in a revolution already underway. Because of this, we are fully committed to dialogue with the community, organisations and institutions to promote interaction between different sectors and expand this ecosystem.
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Education is the key to the future. The key to man's destiny and his chance for a better world.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


We organise international events focused on specific topics so that attendees can delve deeper into their areas of interest and keep abreast of the latest trends. In addition, we make sure that we keep up with industry developments to contribute to the continuous improvement of the industry.


We believe that collaboration is about forming alliances to achieve common goals and combining skills and creative ideas. In addition, sharing experiences stimulates innovation and allows us to explore new perspectives and approaches from different points of view.


When designing a project, it is essential to consider the power and speed of media in today's world to reach as many people as possible. We rely on a vast network of partnerships and communication channels to maximise our reach and impact.
Think Globally, Act Locally
Think Globally, Act Locally
ZIGURAT's masters offer a broad and complete vision of different fields of specialisation in engineering, architecture and technology. They are 1-year, 100% online programmes that allow putting into practice the knowledge acquired with a hands-on methodology that culminates in the Final Master's Thesis (TFM).
Postgraduate courses
The postgraduate courses are 4 months programmes designed for professionals who want to study specific areas in depth and immediately apply the knowledge acquired daily. Working professionals will teach you the latest software and tools needed to develop your career.
Knowledge capsules
Rooftop is an on-demand platform that allows you to learn a new skill or deepen your expertise wherever you are. It offers a wide selection of courses created by experts in their fields, which guarantees the quality and accuracy of the information.
Masterclasses aim to democratise knowledge through high-quality online sessions available to all interested parties, regardless of their geographical location. Their main attraction is the speakers expertise, passing on their wisdom in an enriching and accessible way.


Student Weeks

The Student Week is a learning week representing a great networking opportunity and professional growth opportunity. The event focuses on personal connections and the know-how of experts and leading companies.

Local Hubs

Local Hubs enrich the ZIGURAT ecosystem through face-to-face events in different locations worldwide. These events bring together Alumni, Faculty Board and industry professionals to share knowledge and generate local synergies.


BIM Community is the largest global BIM community worldwide where you can keep up-to-date with latest sector developments and connect with other BIM professionals. The main objective of this network is to accelerate the adoption of new construction processes that can meet future challenges.


At ZIGURAT, we believe that completing a master's degree is only the first step towards professional success. That's why our Alumni community offers comprehensive support to strengthen networking, improve technical and soft skills and promote your brand among other professionals in the sector.

Malala Yousafzai
Education is the most enduring power we can use to change the world.

Malala Yousafzai

Academic Partners

Accreditations, Certifications and Memberships

ZIGURAT Institute of Technology has become the first Spanish Training Partnership of CIOB. This partnership enables the staff, faculty team and students to gain support with progressing towards their own Chartership pathways and offers many training options via the CIOB Academy and support from CIOB Tomorrow's Leaders.

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