Admission Process

Grant recipients will be selected based on their background and professional excellence. Since its inception, the grant fund has assisted over 200 participants in our programs. 

Application Instructions

Applications are open until the program starting date. Your application and submission of supporting documents are to be completed with your Enrollment Advisor by email or phone. Contact your Enrollment Advisor for more detailed information.

Early Bird Discount

Furthermore, there are early bird discounts for those that enroll in a Master’s program before a specific date. When speaking with your enrollment advisor ask about these different options and how these can be applied to you.

Payment Options

Aware of the different economic situations, we also offer financing without interest, and other aid options depending on the type of payment.

Institutional Grants

Zigurat and their academic partners promote diversity within the profession through career-oriented grant funding. Participants that meet the study criteria can apply.


Any Doubt?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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