An education that’s ahead of its time

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XXXX is a Global Business School focused on Innovation and Technology. They offer a range of programs, including masters, corporate training and events, tailored to professionals and business’s needs.
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XXX was founded in 2017 launching its first program aimed to make an impact in other sectors: the Digital Business Global MBA. The school is led by a multicultural and talented team and the programs are dynamic and based on the experience and knowledge share of a faculty board composed of digital industry leaders.

XXX was founded under the vision to newly disrupt the educational sector, contributing to the development of society, through innovative training and digital transformation.

This internationally popular program caters to the needs of professionals in more than 20 sectors of the AECO industry. We provide our students with the methodology, tools, and skills necessary to become leaders in BIM implementation. Become a fully capable BIM Manager and work with high-performance teams from all around the world.

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Our Masters

Masters based on the experience and success of international industry leaders focused on business innovation

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Gianluca Pucacco

Vice President, Global Sales Operations at Facebook

Anders Indset

Anders IndsetBusiness Philosopher & Author. Advisory Board at GTEC & Co-founder of Shapingwork

Lluis Altes

Managing Director at DES | Digital Business World Congress
Chief Digital Officer & Founder at Dinose

Peter Maynard

Director Program Management at Microsoft

Roland Rust

Digital Strategy & Product Innovation at 9dots Digital
Independent Digital Transformation Consultant

Jordi Damià

International Business Strategy Specialist. CEO at SETESCA – IT Consulting and Headhunting firm

Gianluca Pucacco

Managing Director of Shapingwork
Director of Education at GTEC and European Digital Leader at World Economic Forum

Joan Casaponsa

Vice President, Global Sales Operations at Facebook

Oscar Sala

Ventures Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona
Member of the Board at Mobeyforum

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Advisory Board,
Key figures with experience in global brands,
helping us build the digital future

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Alumni Success Stories

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On average, starting salaries rise by 23.50% within two years after completing the master’s in global bim management. In the alumni success tab you may view examples of professionals who received promotions or enjoyed wider job opportunities after completing the master’s inglobal bim manage

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