MEP Engineering

Master MEP design with our degrees

MEP Engineering Masters

Master MEP design with our degrees

Through learning MEP design (mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems) you will be able to provide your projects with a much more technical and concise vision for elements such as air conditioning or BIM calculation and modeling. Our masters in MEP Installations will provide you with up-to-date high-level training, with professional teachers in their respective fields using MEP software.

What is MEP design?
What is MEP design?

MEP, or Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems Design, is an important discipline within the world of architecture and design. It is about the creation and maintenance of the systems that allow the operation of a building, from lighting and air conditioning to security and access control.

What is MEP software?

It is a software that is used exclusively in the field of construction and architecture, and that is used to design, plan and coordinate all the elements related to three aspects: mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

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