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Postgraduate Programme in Parametric Design with Visual Programming in BIM

4 months
Starts in
October 2024
Live Online
ZIGURAT Institute of Technology

Unlock Your Creative Potential with our Parametric Design Course

With this parametric design course you will be trained by relevant industry professionals, gaining greater accuracy and consistency for your models, and acquiring the technological fluency necessary for today's industry.

Parametric design is a cutting-edge approach that harnesses technology and mathematical algorithms to create customised, efficient and creative solutions. It allows you to tackle complex problems, experiment with new forms and push the boundaries of traditional design methodologies.

You will work with powerful and versatile software such as Revit, Archicad, Blender, Rhino, and Dynamo, applying visual and textual programming languages (Grasshopper and Python). In this way, you will develop skills related to BIM-based programming to improve your modelling workflows and collaboration with your teams and clients.

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Academic content


Module 1

Introduction to Programming

Unit 1. Introduction to Programming

Module 2

Programming OpenBIM with Python

Unit 1. Concepts of textual Programming for BIM

Unit 2. Exploring IFC with ifcopenshell

Module 3

Parametric BIM with Visual Programming in Grasshopper

Unit 1. Introduction to visual programming for BIM 

Unit 2. Parametric BIM with Grasshopper

Unit 3. Exploratory design with Grasshopper

Module 4

Visual Programming with Dynamo

Unit 1. Working with data in Dynamo

Unit 2. Processes' automation and interoperability 


Course Final Project

A combination of all the practices you have done at the end of each module (in the practical weeks). You’ll have a space, within your course schedule, to share this and talk about the progress you’ve made along your learning journey, receiving feedback from your professors and peers. 

Faculty board

Dion Moult

Emerging Digital Engineering Manager at Lendlease

Rui de Klerk

Product Developer at geoFluxus

Rogério Lima

CEO of DOMUS arquitetura e consultoria

Marilena Christodoulou

Ph.D in Arquitecture

This course not only offers powerful software and programming platforms. The professor are experienced and have a positive and helpful attitude for teaching, and the lessons are structured in a manner that allows you to acquire complex knowledge with ease
This programme has definitely helped me find relevance of digital workflows and latest software in my job. This unlocks a whole new level of possibilities for data utilisation and manipulation
Thanks to this course I now have a more efficient workflow. It opened my mind to new ways to do my tasks.

The ZIGURAT methodology

Digital, transformative education, based on real people and real projects.

Active & Social Learning

Training based on participation and collaboration

Studying at ZIGURAT means expanding your professional network and having the unique opportunity to participate in selective working groups, decided on through the expertise of our professors: leaders in technological innovation and construction.

Lifelong Support

A holistic view of the professional profile

From the initial orientation to post-Master's advice, we guide you to have a critical and 360º vision of your future as an expert in the sector.

Online Experience

Interactive and flexible digital experiences

Through live sessions with industry leaders and high-quality materials on global case studies, our learning approach adapts well to the hybrid pace of today's professionals.


Admission process

Application for admission
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Personal interview
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Submission of documentation
Send us the necessary documentation to assess your application.
Admissions Committee
Our committee will evaluate your application.
Admission decision
If you meet the requirements, you will get your place.
Follow the enrolment steps indicated by the advisor.

Admission Request

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Applications are open until the end of the available places and financial endowment of each program.

What is parametric design?

Parametric design is a design technique in which parameters are used to control and define the elements of a design. These parameters can be anything from an object's dimensions to its shape or color. Parametric design allows designers to create complex designs quickly and efficiently.

What is the relationship between parametric design and architecture?

Parametric design is a design approach that uses algorithms and mathematical formulas to create and manipulate digital models. Parametric design is often used in architecture to create complex, organic forms and structures that would be difficult to design using traditional methods. Therefore, the relationship between parametric design and architecture is that parametric design is a tool that architects can use to create innovative and unique designs.

Is this course in parametric design only for architects or is it also relevant for engineers?

The parametric design course is suitable for both architects and engineers. The two disciplines can benefit from the use of algorithms and mathematical formulae. In the case of engineers, parametric design allows them to speed up design iterations, improve their accuracy, optimise task efficiency and explore a wide range of options according to their specific professional requirements.

Does this parametric design course require previous knowledge of software and programming?

No. We'll cover the tools from scratch, and we'll give you practical exercises for you to apply them and gain confidence in their usage.