Sci-Fi Infrastructures: Between Utopia and Reality


ONLINE GLOBAL EVENT – Sessions in English, Spanish and Portuguese


Future infrastructures – what will they look like?

To find out, we will analyze how infrastructure will be determinant in the process of transforming urbanizations into sustainable cities.

Smart Cities, which so far only existed in movies, are now materializing in real projects around the world. These smart cities promise to meet today’s challenges of inclusion and creating sustainable infrastructure. But how achievable are they?

→ 100% Renewable Energy

In the context of overpopulation and increasing energy demand, will the cities of the future be able to supply all their inhabitants with energy from renewable sources?

→ Sustainable and autonomous mobility

Transport currently accounts for 24% of the world’s total CO₂ emissions. How will Smart Cities shape intelligent traffic systems, electric vehicles and autonomous transport to reverse this situation?

→ The water cycle Management

Water is a finite resource and may be a source of conflict in the future. Is it possible to create a sustainable infrastructure that treats wastewater and increases desalination while minimizing water demand?


Chris Dymond
Academic Director of the Smart Cities Management Programme at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
Expert in digital application design, development and innovation.
James Daniel
Academic Director of the Global Master’s in BIM Management in Infrastructure, Civil Engineering & GIS
Founder of Digital Convergence Solutions
Riccardo Pagani
Founder & CEO at BIMon & BIM Validation
Architect and BIM Expert

Do you like to participate in this exciting first edition of the Zigurat Talks?

Our experts will discuss these and other challenges facing civil engineering in building the new cities of the future. In addition, attendees will be able to participate in the debates in a fully interactive format.


This event is an initiative of the international masters of Zigurat Global Institute of Technology:

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