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The role of a BIM Manager

The role of a BIM Manager has evolved over the years, encompassing many different functions. During the InfraBIM LONDON 2018 event, leaders of the AECO industry discussed this highly demanded position. Regarding the role of a BIM Manager, Issam el-Absi, Engineering BIM Manager at Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) ,affirms:

Everyone in the project needs to do BIM. So in my opinion, a BIM Manager should be someone who is looking after compliance and making sure everyone is following the standards and requirements.

Over the last few years, countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa have shown increased demand for BIM implementation and BIM Managers.

The amount of contracts involving BIM increased 5 times in 2017. People started to realize the importance of this role and there is an increased demand for this post worldwide. 

-Dejan Papic, Advancement Academies Manager at Bentley Systems

The problem, as with many other digitally focused jobs in high demand, is the short supply of these professionals and the lack of their practical knowledge and experience. This is something that CCC has been tackling for over five years through their own BIM academy, which has recently allied with Zigurat, in order to provide the practical knowledge and training that professionals in the BIM industry need. 

Nevertheless, some members of the AECO industry, even those familiar with BIM, may not know what a Manager does and how BIM has transformed the industry. 

Issam El-Absi, Dejan Papic, and Rafael Riera, Director of Global BIM  Master's Programs at Zigurat discuss these subjects in the video below: 

What are the future prospects? 

In the foreseeable future, BIM will be implemented in every project and embedded in the DNA of every leading company in this sector. For this reason, it’s essential that professionals of the AECO industry are familiar with and prepared for the digital revolution taking place. 

Every year, the demand for more specialized people in the field of technology and information management grows and having this know-how will be essential. Every stakeholder in the construction process must be fluent and understand their part of BIM and managers should look after compliance, making sure everyone is following the requirements, standards and processes. 

This person must coordinate, impulse and direct a project from start to finish digitally and work with others in an efficient and collaborative manner. This implies not only understanding theory but performing the job through practical training.   

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