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The Foundations of Digital Transformation

Focusing on the fundamentals of a Business and what it takes to transform it, in addition to the necessary technologies, will drive a successful innovative change.Understanding customer experience and behaviour Before investing in technology, considering what the customer expects should be the starting point. The customer must not adapt to new processes, the business must adapt to their demands instead. By focusing on the customer’s experience, creating a connection customers that go far beyond a product or service. Experience does not only apply to customers but also employees, their interaction with the company is also crucial; • Are the technology tools you’re providing helping them do their jobs? • Is your culture making your workplace efficient and productive? The positivism of employee's' experience has the potential to make or break the productivity and effectiveness of that employee to your business. Workforce Without the right talent or without focusing on your employees, any organization will struggle to progress. Businesses that invest in the workforce are the ones that allow them to participate in the development of the company, by respecting, considering and implementing ideas as a team. This is the only way a business can evolve. In order for Digital Transformation to occur, the entire workforce must be on the same page, and aiming to achieve the companies’ goals collectively. Change Digital Transformation cannot occur without change. Being prepared for a tough transitional period is a good way to accept unexpected outcomes. Communication throughout the organization and preparing a strategy to encourage collaboration is the key to moving forward. Providing the necessary tools and environment for employees to embrace and succeed in this change is also essential. Once accepting what is require for Digital transformation the next steps will fall into place. Innovation Differently to Transformation, innovation can be defined as a creativity that leads to something new. Transformation is not always innovative, and it should be, this is why, innovation is more important. Regardless to the impact of innovation, from changing a business model to re designing how the workforce operates, it will most likely give the business new life bringing satisfaction to the client or employees. Such changes allows new data to be collected and processes to be analysed. Innovation can, and should be constant, not a solution to a temporary problem.

Management and Culture

A decision must come from somewhere and as form of incentive, the cultural and leadership aspects of a business must transmit what it is trying to achieve – Innovation.

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