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Successful Adoption of Blockchain Technologies

The last ten years in Blockchain Technologies have been quite a wild roller-coaster ride towards the future with many new possibilities presenting themselves. But what does future hold for this new technology now that we have finally become to grasp the extent of its potential? Where are we headed?

Daniel Diemers, partner at PwC Strategy, since 2005, advises banks and regulators in Europe and the Middle East on digitalization, Fintech and Blockchain on a daily basis. As on March 2019, he will be sharing his knowledge and passion with the first class of students of Zigurat’s Global Master’s in Blockchain Technology.

In an interview given to Coin Telegraph he confirms that in banking, insurance, ICOs and financial services there is a huge need for this technology right now. However, there are many fields outside of the financial world we tend to overlook as we associate Blockchain Technologies mainly with Bitcoin. According to the recent statistics we could expect the Blockchain to be soon used in the energy sector, agriculture, healthcare as well as in logistics and the IoT. Daniel Diemers also addresses the challenges Blockchain Technologies have faced during a decade since its inception. One of the main problems is the lack of educational opportunities in the field and that there are only a few people well prepared enough to teach this topic. Because inevitably, if we aspire to take advantage of the possibilities Blockchain offers, specialized training on the platform is required. He also adds that the children should be able to learn what blockchain is and about its advantages and disadvantages at school.When speaking of his experience as a co-founder and board member of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (Swiss Fintech), he is positive that the entire financial services industry, banks and insurance companies will be dealing with cryptocurrencies sooner or later. He has already noted a subtle change of attitude in financial institutions towards cryptocurrencies. A very important factor here is also the general population of Switzerland that tends to be better informed on the subjects of crypto and Blockchain than people from other countries. A greater and better level of information, in turn, makes the implementation of Blockchain Technologies into day-to-day life easier.Vice President and Head of Blockchain EMEA | Member of Blockchain Taskforce of the Swiss Federal Council

Dr. Daniel Diemers is Partner at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton), serving clients in the financial services industry in the development of successful growth strategies. His industry expertise covers retail and wholesale banking, private banking/ wealth management, consumer finance and insurance. Preferred themes are growth strategies, market entry/ regional expansion, digital innovation/ FinTech, operating model optimization, and risk & regulatory management. Prior to that, worked in other consultancy firms, advising major players in the financial services industry (banks, regulators, insurance companies) on questions of strategy, organization, and risk management. Daniel has worked with blue chip clients across Europe and the Middle East and is based in Zurich Switzerland. During his academic years, he has worked on collaborative, technology-enabled business models for knowledge management and early warning systems, and, more generally, on the social impact of new media, publishing his own books and articles, while speaking at conferences in Switzerland, Germany, Eastern Europe and the United States.


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