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What is Open BIM?

    The concept of OpenBIM is becoming a strong trend in the BIM industry, but what exactly does it mean? The creator and supporter, buildingSmart International, defines openBIM as a way to have a universal and collaborative vision of the design, execution and operation in construction projects, based on open standards and processes. It’s important to emphasize that the concept of OpenBIM only as a use of IFC is a mistake, after all the main objective is having compatible workflows, and in this case, data compatibility and exchange of this data is only a part of the flow. Therefore, IFC is one of the tools that enable this interaction.  

Clear vision and better decision-making

After discussing this topic, we can talk about what OpenBIM is, explaining why it is so important when we are working in BIM. OpenBIM allows the parties involved in a project to work in a transparent way, which is essential when it comes to increasing their efficiency, helping them to compare the best options and methodologies that BIM provides and always making better decisions. Have you ever found yourself with a model full of data and information, that only worked to interrupt and distract you from your work or goals? Is it a headache, right?

Long live to data.. and formats! 

If we talk about the use of data, we must also talk about the longevity of the formats used. OpenBIM supports creating versions that do not exclude old data from new processes and technologies, so that projects are compatible after software updates. In this way, the buildings are designed to have a long life cycle, as the models! Regarding software updates, we must be aware that the adaption of the models offers an immense possibility, favoring the use of a large amount of softwares. For many times we choose a software because a partner or a customer uses the same one. Can you imagine the new opportunities we would have if we change this? Actually this is the worldwide trend, if we use all the same software, the capacity of what we can do is limited. Concluding, openBIM is a simple idea, but extremely difficult to execute. Nowadays BIM has several obstacles to move forward in an agile way, and it may seem that working in openBIM is even more difficult. But the reality is that when we start using BIM correctly, adopting OpenBIM will be more than necessary.  

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