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Masterclass: Amplifying Human Ingenuity with Intelligent Technology

Masterclass: Amplifying Human Ingenuity with Intelligent Technology, presented by Peter Maynard, Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft, and member of Zigurat's Advisory Board.Peter Maynard explores what AI really is, why and how it will transform every business in every industry. Peter also uncovers how Microsoft technology is at the forefront of this transformation and show some scenarios, both present and future with respect to how this is helping business embrace digital transformation.The purpose of the masterclass is to highlight how underlying Digital Transformation in a number of enterprises is simply an algorithm. This algorithm will determine the success of how that company will leverage its data in the future and if it will ultimately survive. Moving on from that as background, there will be then explored the types of steps that a company can take to win in the algorithm wars and things that they should be conscious of. In the masterclass, there will be presented a range of examples of companies that are winning in Digital Transformation through AI.

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about how AI is disrupting enterprises in a battle to win the algorithm wars from an experienced professional that is currently implementing it a top software company like Microsoft. After the presentation, the attendees will have the opportunity to participate and interact about the topics with the speaker.

Peter is an Evangelism Director at Microsoft working in the Global Commercial Software Engineering team. By day he’s responsible for helping remove technical blockers from customers, accelerating their journey to the cloud, but by night he spends a lot of time supporting startups and education establishments to embrace technology and leverage its power to drive their own digital transformation. In his spare time, he likes to travel, exercise and spend time with his family.

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