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Executive Education - A New Modern Approach

Executive Education - A New Modern Approach
Let’s be honest, most MBAs and Executive Programs are alike and OLD fashioned. Universities and Business Schools are trying to give programs a new look by simply changing its looks, but once you uncover, it’s really still the same. Most of them are over 10 years old, with small differentials that have been added here, and there. Whats more important, content or recognition? By assuming most will chose content, then the hard work of differentiating which program will give you the most advance tools and techniques begins. In order to find out which program will provide the most up to date content you must consider that the biggest institutes and universities are also the ones that must follow certain bureaucratic procedures that do not move at the same speed, as it requires keeping up with the market. Leadership, Operational methods, Project Management and Financial awareness are still important but we MUST also consider new factors that not every business has adapted to, such as AI, automatization, IOT, quantum computing, Machine learning, Blockchain.Not only Business but at the forefront of the Digital Revolution are also the Banks, Governments and Associations. This is why we must be aware of what to adopt and when. Standards are important but choosing what is right will define how society operates. As leaders, we must not only invest in technologies that we can profit from, but also the ones that can improve other important matters as,
  • Climate change/destruction of nature
  • Large-scale conflict/wars
  • Inequality (income, discrimination)
  • Poverty
  • Religious conflicts
  • Government accountability and transparency/corruption
  • Food and water security
  • Lack of education
  • Safety / security / well-being
  • Lack of economic opportunity and unemployment
Everyone should be concerned on how to improve such matters, directly or indirectly, they affect us all. Whether you are an Executive or not, education and improving how society operates is important. The future can be shaped by combining how we use new methodologies to create a better system, and digitalization can allow that to happen. An MBA can provide you more than management skills; It can open your mind to new approaches, technological methods and social duties. Therefore, it is our responsibility to join forces and work together by building a future that can improve all points covered above. Using new methodologies, it for a greater purpose will not only allow you to generate new projects but also to solve a problem.Small steps can lead you to a long and fulfilling journey. At Zigurat Business School we create programs that are current in content, but also solutions to any given problem for many sectors and industries. We believe in providing the right tools for future leaders, and create a network of professionals to can solve any given problem, may it be social or economic.

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