About us

Our Foundations

ZIGURAT was founded on precision and technical excellence. It was set up by Engineers who recognised the need for leadership and education in the technologies that would transform the global construction industry. They were inspired by the ziggurats, one of the earliest Mesopotamian buildings, a symbol of the history of the AECO sector, and the knowledge and innovation that defines us.

As well as pioneering the digitisation of the Construction Sector, ZIGURAT is currently leading the way in areas that will rewrite the rules of today and lay down the foundations for everything that will define tomorrow.

Today, we are a large global community made up of more than 20,000 people from 120 different countries, consisting of students, Alumni, the Faculty Board and staff who look to the future and accelerate change wherever they live.

Founding of ZIGURAT

Launch of the first master's degree in Structural Building with CYPE

Expansion to the entire Spanish-speaking market.

UPC accredits two masters and becomes an academic partner.

ZIGURAT is a global pioneer and launches the first online BIM master's degree.

ZIGURAT enters the Portuguese market.
Creation of BIMCommunity.

Expansion into the Anglo-Saxon market.

Agreement with IL3 - University of Barcelona.
First Student Week celebration.

Creation of the Alumni Platform.
Launch of postgraduate courses.
ZIGURAT begins to offer Corporate Services.

20th anniversary of ZIGURAT.
Rooftop, a new learning platform, is born.

Commitment to circularity in construction. First Master's Degree in Sustainable and Circular Construction.

ZIGURAT contributes to a more sustainable future through transformative education.


We are completely dedicated to our mission: to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow through innovative programmes and to create a positive impact on society and the planet.

From the corporate side, we foster business collaboration, support Sustainable Development Goals and drive Employer Branding.

As an educational institution, we achieve this through a cutting-edge training programs focused on sustainability.
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Faculty Board


years of experience in online training.


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Faculty Board members.

What drives us

Values represent the essence of our educational institution: they are what sets us apart and define each one of our actions.


We believe in innovation and the transformative power of disruptive technologies.


Pioneering is in our DNA, and we know we can change the future.


We are committed to all our students, offering them a hands-on education that prepares them to develop their careers and go on to transform the world in which we live.

The ZIGURAT Community

We use "community" in the fullest sense of the word. The people and organisations that make up the ZIGURAT ecosystem are the basis of everything we have been, are and will be.

Faculty Board



Academic Excellence