Supply Chain Management
Innovation Program

6 months | 9 Modules | 100% Online
7.300 €

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Collaboration companies: IBM, Sabis, elogia, setesca, GTEC


By targeting the Purchasing, Logistics, Production and Distributions departments we offer the Supply Chain Innovation Program, designed for companies and professionals. Via practical and theoretical case studies, you will explore how innovative changes Increase the overall productivity of an organization or its own division. You will be guided by professors who are leaders in digital transformation. They will share experiences and show you how to analyse, consider and apply new methodologies.

Change how the Purchasing, Logistics, Production and Distributions departments of your organization performs as its own division or with an aligned innovative approach throughout.


Typical participants of this program, are professionals working or pursuing a career in Purchasing, Logistics, Production and Distributions departments.


Businesses that are keen to explore other models by adapting new methodologies.


Consultants, looking to further develop the value of their guidance by understanding different methodologies, and applying innovative approaches to a project.

Academic Content

M1. Today’s Competitiveness Models

Jordi Damià
  • Basic strategies options of gaining a competitive advantage: Cost leadership, differentiation and focus (Porter).
  • New business models based on digital solutions: Traditional, Digital, Collaborative and Usage Business Models.
  • New levels of competitiveness applying advanced digital strategies: Bowman Strategy Clock, Unique Selling Propositions (USP Analytics) and Core Competence Analysis.
  • Processes and investments needed to be more competitive in a digital and business ecosystem.

M2. Purely Digital Business Model

Xavier Capellades
  • Native and evolutive digital business models: How to capture and drive a new digital marketplace.
  • Market and sector know-how advantages to offer new digital-based products and services.
  • Disruptive innovation with the power to displace traditional business.

M1. Omnichannel marketing and sales models

Voyislav Stojanovic
  • Advertising methods for commercial promotion through improved marketing tools to promote sales.
  • Key digital methods to increase revenue, target your competitor’s clients and manage customer relationship effectively.
  • Customer expectations: How to meet them and know what works best.
  • New communications tools to understand customers and the way they interact with the marketplace today.

M3. Basic people skills and competencies

David Claramunt
  • New roles, advanced management skills, fast decision making profiles.
  • Techniques to preserve know-how whilst maintaining elastic and adaptive labor approach.
  • Flexibility and temporality of the labor market will require best people adaptable skills, what will bring high value into the organization.
  • Social media and Internet impact on employees and headhunters and recruiters.

M4. Management and innovation models

Robin Weninger
  • New paradigms that have to lead to new business models and new forms of managing organizations. Business opportunities through new management methods.
  • Business process improvements for competitiveness and main tools to create sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Innovation management in production, distribution and management of both people and knowledge, as a key to generate new ideas and techniques for new products.

M6. Distribution

Voyislav Stojanovic
  • The integrated vision of the distribution value chain.
  • Application of new technologies, practices and more advanced business models for pursuing efficiency and win-win.

M7. Logistics

Erik Van Haaren
  • Adaptation of the logistic sector in the new Digital Age: IoT, digital signatures, barcode, RFID, electronic chips, radio frequency, GPS, digital scanning and others.
  • Effects of the new client’s habits in the logistic processes.
  • Movement and delivery of goods just in time to fulfill the needs of industry and consumers alike.

M3. Production

Roberto Barriga
  • Reduction of Resource Processes
  • Smart Energy, RealTime yield optimization
  • Reduction of Asset Utilization – Routine Machine. Flexibility, Predictive and Augmented Reality for MRO
  • Increase Labor Productivity – Human-Robot collaboration, Remote monitoring, Digital performance management, Automation of knowledge work
  • Decrease of inventories
  • 3D Printing real-time supply chain, Batch size
  • Reduce cost for quality – Statistical and advanced process control, digital quality management
  • Increased supply/Demand matching
  • Data driven demand prediction and design to value
  • Reduce time to market – Customer Co-creation, concurrent engineering, rapid simulation
  • Reduction service/Aftersales – Predictive/Remote maintenance, Self service

M4. Predictive models and advanced data analysis

David Quero
  • Pattern recognition and statistical modeling as algorithmic techniques in data mining, that analyze actual and historical data.
  • Predictive models of historical and transactional data in identification of risks and opportunities.
  • Predictive models to identify relationships between different factors that allow the assessment of risks or associated probabilities based on a set of conditions.
  • Benefits of predictive analysis focused on three areas: Customer Satisfaction, Operations, Business Intelligence (predictive intelligence vs prescriptive intelligence)

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    Faculty Board

    Jordi Damià

    International Business Strategy Specialist

    Jordi is an expertise director in business transformation and consultant in implementations of business improvements and information systems. He is Senior Telecommunications Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
    His professional career covers the direction of the informatics department at important companies with job titles as CIO at Panrico, Renta Corporación, AXA and Winterthur, Director of Organization and Systems at Fira de Barcelona or Operations and Development Director at Pepsico.

    He is member of the advisory board of NEXICA, IDG and PSS, he has also been advisor at the scientific park of Barcelona, Bosch foundation and Gimpera of technological transference. Jordi is also former General Director of Universitat de Barcelona.

    Since 2007, he is combining his professional labor as Founder and Director of Setesca, IT Consulting and Headhunting firm together with being Professor of Business Strategy in universities as EAE, EADA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, UPC, UB and Zigurat.

    Jordi Damià

    International Business Strategy Specialist

    Robin Weninger

    Co-Founder & Managing Director of shapingwork | Director Education at GTEC | Global Shaper and European Digital Leader at World Economic Forum

    Robin Weninger is Co-Founder & Managing Director of Sa. | shapingwork academy, the first executive academy based on practical philosophy, offering a radical new approach to corporate education by pairing the ``best-of-breed`` practices from leadership, management and execution with philosophy. In addition, he is the Director of Education at the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), Professor at Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School in Barcelona, Lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the International School of Management as well as Coach in the Digital Product School in Munich.

    He focuses on leading and guiding organizations through their challenges by forming internal vanguards of change. He does this by seeking new questions and plausible explanations through the development of new educational models to shape leaders to become “curators of compassion” and ``leaders of change”. Robin works closely together with universities, thought leaders and management thinkers to develop state-of-the-art management practices, frameworks and best practices for action-orientated management. He designs individual coaching and training programs, helps organizations create goal-setting frameworks and get into a strategic flow. He also deals with behavioral design and complex systems theory to better utilize networks to create fluid organizations through dialogue, collaboration and co-creation.

    The World Economic Forum nominated Robin as a Global Shaper in 2015 and as a Digital Leader in 2017. Also, he is a trusted Advisory Board member to multiple EU funded projects under the H2020 framework. Robin is always keen and happy to support initiatives that change the world for the better and leave sustainable footprints for the future of education and work.

    His credo is ``Sharing is not just caring, sharing is empowerment``

    Robin Weninger

    Co-Founder & Managing Director of shapingwork | Director Education at GTEC | Global Shaper and European Digital Leader at World Economic Forum

    Digital Business Master's Professor Erik Van Haaren

    Erik van Haaren

    CEO / Senior Advisor at Quality Transformation

    30 years of consulting experience in helping companies to generate business benefits out of the right use of technology. His experience includes several technology revolutions and supporting over 50 companies, from top class fortunate 500 through upper mid-market in Europe, Americas and APAC. After 25 years in leadership positions in large consulting companies, he recently started Quality Transformation, a small advisory firm supporting the transformation leaders at his clients to be successful from setting the digital agenda through generating value out of all types of technology enables business transformations.

    Erik Van Haaren

    CEO and Senior Advisor at Quality Transformation

    Digital Business Master's Professor David Quero

    David Quero

    EMEA Program Excellence Leader & Delivery Manager at IBM

    David Quero is a Computer Science Engineer, MBA and Financial Risk Manager certified by GARP. David has worked on technical projects for 14 years. During the last 3 years, he has been playing international responsibility roles.

    David is currently part of the EMEA Leadership team in IBM Watson Group. Watson Group is the division in IBM that participates in the most innovative and relevant projects involving Watson (IBM Artificial Intelligence platform). Additionally, he has the role of focal point for some of the European countries (SPGI, Italy, Benelux, Nordics, CEE) and he is the director of a number of employees in the organization.

    David Quero

    EMEA Program Excellence Leader & Delivery Manager at IBM Watson

    Digital Business Master's Professor Xavier Capellades

    Xavier Capellades

    Director, Global Head of Customer and Market Insights at ROCHE

    Senior digital business executive with wide experience in innovation, digital transformation and launching new products and business lines in big corporations and startups.

    Specialist in identifying new business opportunities, innovation, marketing and product management, strategic alliances and leading high performing teams as well as about entrepreneurship, venture capital and business angels

    Member of the Advisory Board at mVenturesBCN (Mobile World Capital), Board Member at BCNTech City, mentor at StartupBootCamp Internet of Things & Data and Innovation & Intellectual Property Professor at UOC

    Xavier Capellades

    Director, Global Head of Ideation and Digital Innovation at ROCHE

    See full profile of professor David Claramunt

    David Claramunt

    Head of People & Communication at

    David Claramunt is Head of People & Communication at, the IT Company of the Sabadell Group. Computer Engineer and BA in Business Administration. More than 25 years of experience in IT&Ops arena mostly in Banking & Insurance sector in several countries and in companies such us Banc Sabadell, Zurich, Deutsche Bank and Caixabank. David is focused on how people and society must adapt themselves to the 4th Industrial Revolution being more humans than ever.

    David Claramunt

    Head of People & Communications at Banc Sabadell

    See full profile of professor Voyislav Stoyanovic

    Voyislav Stojanović-Osinsky

    Responsible for Sales Development for Health and Investment Products at AXA Spain

    Voyislav studied Advertising & Marketing and has an MBA specialized in media Management at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. His final MBA project went real as an online radio dedicated to indie music scene: He speaks Spanish, English, Italian and has basic knowledge of Serbian, Portuguese, Catalan and Hebrew.

    Voyislav started his career on radio in 1993 where he contributed to the digital transformation of Union Radio, the largest radio Broadcasting network in Venezuela. His last position was Director of contents & programming at La Mega 107FM, during this time he worked also as On Air DJ and voice-over announcer.

    In 2002, he made a work experience internship at BBC World Service in London, UK, where he worked as producer journalist. In 2003, he started his commercial career as Sales Manager at Radio Barcelona, one of the most famous radio station in Spain that belongs to Cadena SER Network. During his experience in Radio Barcelona, he contributed to developing sales for music specialized radio formats such as 40 Principales and Maxima FM.

    Since 2006 he developed his sales management skills at Axa Insurance in different positions across Spain, in 2015 he worked as Distribution Transformation Manager in Paris, France. During this time he managed several projects for AXA group on Lead Management and Distribution transformation.Currently, Voyislav is responsible for sales development for health and Investment products at AXA Spain.

    Voyislav is an aviation enthusiast, a big fan of music and literature.

    Voyislav Stojanović-Osinsky

    Responsible for Sales Development for Health and Investment Products at AXA Spain

    See full profile of professor Roberto Barriga

    Roberto Barriga

    Roberto is a passionate about techonology with more than 15 years of experience in multinationals in different sectors such as fast moving consumer goods, or pharma. He has been responsible of different IT management positions.

    He is a Computer Engineer from UPV (Universidad Politecnica Valencia), awarded with a one-year stay scholarship at IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY (USA). In 2005 obtained an MBA from ESADE in Barcelona.

    He started his professional career in Exact (Valencia), and later he moved to Sweden where he worked for Nokia Home Communications for one year in the European project myTV (interactive digital television). In 2001, he moved to Barcelona where he worked in the fast moving consumer goods sector for a Joint Venture of Procter & Gamble (Arbora & Ausonia) for 13 years, being responisble of different IT management positions (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Commercial, Logistics or Supply Chain).

    Since 2013, he works at the pharmaceutical Almirall, where he is currently the IT Business Partner and Service Delivery Manager for Industrial Operations area.

    Roberto Barriga

    Business Partner & Services Delivery MGR at Almirall

    Professional development

    Talented participants with different profiles have benefited from our program by developing new skills, from which they were able to apply to real life projects and have successfully achieved innovative ventures.


    Zigurat's Network Ecosystem

    We aim to provide further support in relation to future career development. We are proud of the achievement of our participants, which includes collaborations, new jobs, and the creation of new ventures.

    Additionally, a range of professional development opportunities for alumni will be provided by both Zigurat and our partners. Once you complete a program, you will become part of our network, maintaining benefits as having access to some of our content like ebooks, master classes and attending future events. Also being part of an ongoing ecosystem of professors, current and future participants.

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