Shaping the future by creating internal innovation powerhouses

On Thursday, February 15th at 6pm CET, Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School and DES | Digital Business World Congress will hold a Masterclass on Intrapreneurship, Management & Innovation Models. The masterclass will be presented by Robin Weninger, Managing Director of Shapingwork, Education Director at GTEC and professor of the Digital Business Global Master and Lluís Altés, Managing Director at DES and Advisory Board at Zigurat.

Lluís Altés will announce the first official speakers and will present the event topic of Digital Business World Congress 2018, Facing the Digital Avalanche. Turning ideas into business means facing the 6 top of mind digital dilemmas.

Robin Weninger will show the new paradigms that have to lead to new business models and new forms of managing organizations, business opportunities through new management methods. He will also explain the business process improvements for competitiveness and main tools to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

The masterclass will be focused on intrapreneurship, shaping the future by creating internal innovation powerhouses. Intrapreneurship describes the concept of establishing entrepreneurship within a company with the aim to improve the overall performance of the firm. Intrapreneurs think and act in an entrepreneurial way, but unlike entrepreneurs, they do not found new firms to realize business ideas. Instead, they identify problem areas within the company and implement own ideas as employees to improve and develop the organization. Therefore, intrapreneurs are also referred to as “entrepreneurs within an enterprise”.

The active participation of employees as intrapreneurs unfolds new potentials that are likely to have a positive impact on the success of the company.

– Introduction to Intrapreneurship
– How to implement intrapreneurship in your organization
– The double diamond process as heart of innovation systems

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Robin Weninger

Robin Weninger is the Managing Director of the management think-tank shapingwork. In addition, Robin is the Director Education at the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) and Lecturer of the Digital Business Global Master at Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School in Barcelona, Lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the International School of Management as well as Coach in the Digital Product School, Munich.

He focuses on leading and guiding organizations through their challenges by forming internal vanguards of change. He does this by seeking new questions and plausible explanations through the development of new educational models to shape leaders to become “curators of compassion” and “leaders of change”. Robin works closely together with universities, thought leaders and management thinkers to develop state-of-the-art management practices, frameworks and best practices for action-orientated management. He designs individual coaching and training programs, helps organizations create goal-setting frameworks and get into a strategic flow. He also deals with behavioral design and complex systems theory to better utilize networks and runs roundtables around the future of work.

The World Economic Forum honored Robin as a Global Shaper in 2015 and as a Digital Leader in 2017. Robin is always keen and happy to support initiatives that change the world for the better and leave sustainable footprints for the future of education and work.

Independent consultant, expert in new business models, digital transformation and disruptive technologies. Lluis Altés stands out for his communication skills and his abilities to create solid relationships between management and the board of directors of all types of organizations.

Altés is an experienced manager and entrepreneur, capable of defining strategies and landing them thanks to his orientation to business development, marketing and the creation of equipment adapted to the evolution of the markets. As a thinker and entrepreneur who has held management positions in large companies and start-ups, Altés is a convinced defender of the reconciliation between personal and professional life, which cares as much for human capital as for the profitability of the business.

His professional career has developed within SMEs and large corporations in sectors such as textiles, food, telecommunications and technology. An experience that, together with his passion and curiosity without limits, has made him a recognized lecturer in the confluence between business and technology. In addition to his interventions as a speaker, Altés is the author of numerous inspiring articles in which he analyzes market trends, or various aspects of digital business and innovation; as well as the application of BDA, IoT, IA, Blockchain, VR among many others, in different sectors.

Lluís Altés

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