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The Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master is focused on teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs or people who are willing to found a technology-based start-up. This program can also be completed in the classroom modality in Barcelona. More information about the Master’s Degree in Digital Entrepreneurship at the UPC School

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The Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master is focused on teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs or people who are willing to found a technology-based start-up. This program will permit the students to:

  • Learn and dominate Lean Start-up method.
  • Identify and solve the main management challenges that appear when creating a company.
  • Create the product or service based on ideas and put them into practice: marketing management, operations, financial management, negotiate with potential investors and make a successful business plan.

The postgraduate in Digital Entrepreneurship is oriented to train and accompany entrepreneurs or people who want to create a technology-based start-up. This postgraduate allows you to:

  • Learn and master the Lean Start-up method
  • Know how to solve the management problems that appear when creating a company
  • Create the product or service from a good idea, do the marketing, manage operations, finances, carry out the business plan and negotiate with investors
  • Respond to society’s challenges of training entrepreneurs, creating innovative companies that create jobs and value for society.

Master’s Degree in collaboration and certified by the School of Professional & Executive Development of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

The Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master by Zigurat Innovation & Technology is delivered online. The School of Professional & Executive Development has another version of the master’s degree delivered on-site in Barcelona, to learn more about the on-site studies click here.

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Learn and master the Lean Start-up method

What can we offer you?


A faculty made up of active entrepreneurs with wide innovative experience in the digital sector


A pioneering program, in line with current, market-oriented Silicon Valley programs.


The possibility of teaming up with a real business project


The possibility of training in usual activities: elevator pitch, demo day, investor round

Come alone or with your team,

with or without an idea,

We will help you to launch your business successfully.



Know the Lean methods in general and Lean Start-up in particular, and know how to apply for the creation of a digital Start-up, applied to any sector

M1. Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups
  • Course Organization. Introduction to Lean.
  • Entrepreneurs DNA.
  • Innovation Workshop
  • The Lean Startup Methodology. Customer Development.
  • The Lean Sprint Experiment Methodology and Practice
  • Case Studies
  • Business Ideas. Tools. Software Factory.
  • Workshop: How to make a good Elevator Pitch
M3. Product Management
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Case Studies
  • Creativity. Divergence and Ideation.
  • Co-Creation and Co-Design.
  • An End-To‐End Lean Product
  • Crafting the MVP
  • Presentation: MVP
M5. Development and Operations
  • Development & Operations (DevOps)
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Best Practices and Metrics
  • Tools and resources for application developement
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Product Roadmap
  • Management iterations (90 days plan)
  • Presentation: MVP & Roadmap
M7. Practical Project: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Dress rehearsal
  • Demo Day
M2. Business Models
  • New Business Models. Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • Case Studies
  • Importance of your Offer.
  • Business Model Canvas
  • The Lean Canvas. Optimizing your business model.
  • Formulating a killer Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
  • Sustainable Growth: the 3 engines of growth. Startup Metrics.
  • Presentation: Business Model Canvas
M4. Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing. Customer discovery. Metrics & Analytics. Tools.
  • Content Production & Copywriting. Website Best Practices & Blogging.
  • Social Media Campaigns. Email Campaigns.
  • Inbound Marketing.
  • SEO & SEM.
  • Viral Marketing. Growth Hacking.
  • Affiliate marketing. Sticky Marketing. Gamification.
  • Presentation: Marketing techniques, metrics and analytics for my MVP
M6. Startup Finances
  • Introduction to Financial Management for Startups
  • Case Studies
  • Bootstrapping vs Fundraising
  • Financial Metrics
  • Financial Plan: projection models and analysis
  • Financial needs to develop and launch an MVP
  • Startups valuation methods. (DCF, VC-Method). Case studies.
  • Options and ways to get funds for a Startup.
  • Presentation: MVP funding.


1 Month stage at B-Combinator Incubator Barcelona


Design the product or service, the value proposition and the business model. Create the product/service through iterations. Manage the product/service, do the marketing and manage the customers. Create the business plan for a company by applying the Lean Start-up.

 1. Innovation lab
2.  Agile prototyping
3.  Users Feedback
4.  Quality Assurance
5.  Customer Development (Early Adopters)
6.  Metrics and Analytics
7. Iterations and Pivoting


To create the company, learn the legal aspects, the financial and administrative management. 

Know how to negotiate with investors and obtain the necessary capital for the Start-up.

M1. Leadership
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurial Attitude
  • Communication and Negotiation
  • Enterprise Happiness
  • Meditation and Relaxation Exercises
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Organization and Management Flow
  • Personal Branding
  • Workshop: Forum Discussion
M3. Legal and Administration
  • Company Creation
  • Intelectual Property. IP Licensing. NDA.
  • Shareholders Agreement.
  • Employees Compensation Plan
  • Data Protection. Social Responsibility.
  • Financial Management. Tools.
  • Taxes
  • Workshop: Team Building
M5. Business Plan, Investors Negociation and Fundraising
  • What is the lean investor looking for?
  • Business Plan. Executive Summary.
  • Business Plan Coaching
  • Investment Process. Communication with Investors.
  • Tips and Tricks during Investors Negotiation
  • Coaching for Investors Presentation
  • Presentation: Business Plan
M2. Growth Strategies and Scalability
  • The customer is the King.
  • Market Analysis: trends, customers, competitors.
  • Branding. Public Relations.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Plan. SOSTAC Model.
  • Alliances and Value-Added Partners. Distribution channels.
  • Sales Management
  • Presentation: Marketing Plan
M4. Business Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Modern Management Models
  • Productivity
  • Budgeting. Management Control.
  • Projects Funding.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Shareholders. Exit Strategy
  • Presentation: Financial Plan
M6. Practical Project: Investors Presentation
  • Dress rehearsal
  • Demo Day

Inspiring future leaders



Transforming your project

Come alone or with your team, with or without an idea, we will help you consolidate your plan, create your product, launch it into the market, win customers and manage operations.

into Reality

Know the legal and administrative aspects, present the business plan and negotiate with investors. We will help you to launch your business successfully.

If you want to create a successful Start-up or create an innovative group in your current company, learn the most used method in the Silicon Valley, and incorporate it into the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship of your city, this is your course. You can do it by the hand of some of the best entrepreneurs of Barcelona, along with prestigious experts in entrepreneurship, innovation and attracting investors. In addition to the course director, Erik Brieva, successful entrepreneur, we will have experts like Xavier Verdaguer, Marek Fodor, Luis Martín Cabiedes or Mathieu Carenzo.

The master we present is based on the “Lean Start-up” method of Eric Ries for the creation of new digital companies. Businesses can be targeted to any sector, while their core is based on the internet (apps, SaaS, e-commerce, etc.). Lean Start-up method works also well with any size existing companies, even in very large companies, where the intra-entrepreneur’s guru becomes relevant to launch innovative projects. In fact, the author of the method considers that “entrepreneur” should be considered as a qualification in all modern companies to grant their future growth.

In addition to the training in the method, the master incorporates a project of a Start-up creation. Each entrepreneur goal is to start up their company, with the support of the experts who form the team of teachers; a challenge that goes beyond the realization of the business plan and that follows the same line as the most advanced courses that are taught in Silicon Valley.

Start date

September, 2018


8 months + Mentoring

B-Combinator Stage


This is the best opportunity to come together with other participants from all over the world, set up your Startup with the mentoring team during 1 month

Startups success cases created at Bcombinator

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