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A global network of professionals leading the industry towards new challenges

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We aim to provide further support in relation to future career development, in form of an Ecosystem of participants, alumni and professors. We are proud of the achievement of our participants, which includes collaborations, new jobs, and the creation of new ventures.

Additionally, a range of professional development opportunities for alumni will be provided by both Zigurat and our partners. Once you complete a program, you will become part of our network, maintaining benefits as having access to some of our content like ebooks, master classes and attending future events. Also being part of an ongoing ecosystem of professors, current and future participants.

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Professional Development

Talented participants with different profiles have benefited from our program by developing new skills, from which they were able to apply to real life projects and have successfully achieved innovative ventures.


Areas of Specialization

Working professionals from different industries specialized in the following areas

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Find out our participants feedback and contact them to learn more about the Zigurat experience

“I would say that the highlight of this program is the ability it gave me to link the dots. I would summarize the experience as VERY CHALLENGING”

Amal KhreichMarketing & Corporate Communications Manager

Amal Khreich

Marketing Manager ME at H&M

“It has been 23 years since I committed myself to the classroom, the “traditional way”. So much has changed in the working environment that I decided to take an adventure back to studying, and what would be a better way to study “Digital Transformation” but to do it online. It is impressive how the course is designed to bridge our knowledge as executives with the present time's expectations, link the dots, and stimulate us to digitize the way we do business.
On a personal note, I am struggling to keep up with a highly demanding executive job and studying, but have to give a shout-out to Team Zigurat for the great support they are showing to follow up and keeping the engagement in the most friendly and professional way.
So looking forward to completing this course and working with the new digital dynamics of modern businesses.”

André Fisch


“Best decision for 2018: This master gives me powerful tools to be prepared perfectly for the digital transformation. As a digital native and designer, it pushes my expertise on a business strategy level, but also as well for all non-digital people at all levels of experiences.”

Teodora Croitoru

Vice President at Mitsubishi UFJ Global Custody

``Digital transformation is not about knowing where you will end up, but about knowing how you will get there and which tools you take for your journey.

This master program offers a global connector for like-minded people involved in different areas of innovation and gives to all of us the incentive and the means to explore all aspects and implications of digital innovation and disruption.``

Alexander Jan J. Punt

COO Skjerven Group

“I am very happy with the professional approach and quality of the program. It contains both in-depth knowledge and experience as it should be.

The assistance of Zigurat is highly professional and in many ways flexible even when you are doing the study besides your usual business.”

Sandra Sanz

Procurement Team Leader at Eurofragance

``I would definitely recommend Digital Business Global Master at Zigurat because nowadays it's a must to know about digital transformation.

I chose this program because I had the opportunity to learn about digital transformation in all the areas of a company, not only in supply chain where I currently work. That's why I am so happy with this course because now I have a global vision of a digital company.

Also, the good quality of the content, the professors and the Zigurat team it is an added value in this online master.``

Cyril van de Sand

Senior Consultant bei Infosys Consulting

“I chose this master because of its focus covering the complete value chain of today's businesses. The way the content is presented is a wonderful example how learning has to be provided in the age of digital transformation.

I’m impressed by the international reach of the master class, and all the fruitful discussions started around the module. The guidance and interaction with the Professors as well as the Zigurat organization show me the total commitment Zigurat wants to fulfill in every module. By far one of my best decision I made.”