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About Us

Zigurat is unique and distinguished as a disruptive Business School

Who we are?

Zigurat is a Global Business School focused on Innovation and Technology. We offer a range of programs, including masters, corporate training and events, tailored to professionals and businesses needs. Zigurat’s programs are dynamic and based on the experience and knowledge share of a faculty board, that are digital industry leaders. Driven by a multicultural and talented team, looking to change the educational sector, contribute to the development of society, through disruptive training and digital transformation.

Where we come from?

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is a well established educational institute, with 16 years of experience training professionals within Construction, Architecture and Engineering. The Business School was founded from Zigurat’s experience and ambition to provide training for businesses and professionals looking to take part in digital transformation, allowing us to offer a wider range of masters and programs, focusing on other Industries and levels of an organization.


To be a global reference for constant business innovation, distinguished as a unique and disruptive Business School of educational excellence.


We believe in quality education, adapted to the needs of technological and innovative environments. Our programs are designed so future leaders can drive the necessary changes for a better society.


From the diversity of our participants to the program’s lecturers and content, Zigurat has a global approach in every aspect. Due to the wide range of sectors and possibilities of building the right program for our participants, professionals from all over the world join our programs.


Our main goal is to be at the forefront of innovative methodologies and industry applications. The members of our faculty board are professionals with experience and have achieved great success. The content and knowledge they share are relevant and current. Due to extensive market research and being in constant development of daily working professional practices is how this is possible.


We value what can be built as a community, and by creating an environment where all participants, professors and alumni can succeed to full potential is what we aim for. Support and advice is given by all parties, in form of a network enabling synergies to take place. Our culture is distinguished by the collaboration of individuals of various profiles, levels within an organization, with a common goal of leading a new digital future.


Zigurat’s team is formed by industry experts, influencers and leaders with experience who share knowledge with participants through an immersive methodology driven by results so they can become future industry leaders. The business school engages with students by providing resources for professional development enhanced with an educational excellence.

Taking care of our Planet

We are committed with economic, social and environmental sustainability of any activity and consider it essential to evolve globally. Zigurat encourages sustainable projects and collaborates with businesses taking part in changing the outcome of what a service or a product can provide. WATTIA is a business that we support and collaborate with. The projects they are involved in are of a sustainable nature, like providing self-sufficient energy, and it is aligned with our concerns in environmental protection.


Zigurat has designed a unique methodology in order to keep you updated with the latest tools and innovations.

Our commitment is not only to share broad professional experience but also to how we approach and exceed outstanding pedagogical excellence, in order to provide our students with a complete perspective of global markets and innovation capabilities.

A faculty board of International Industry leaders in various sectors, constantly updating the content we provide, is what makes our teaching methodology unique. A final individual project, with the guidance of key figures within innovation and technology, will allow you to complete and implement new solutions to your existing business or develop new projects. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative environment, by exchanging ideas and creating synergies with other participants and professors.

About us
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Social Commitment

Zigurat is committed to provide career-oriented grants based on professional experience, financial needs and international access to education. Being aware of the difficulties involved in having the ability to enroll in masters programs, we offer grants to participants who fit the following profiles:

Entrepreneurship Grant

Professionals and businesses that can demonstrate a positive drive towards entrepreneurship, new business projects or related to specializations will be granted financial support as a grant. An evaluation of the proposals will be done by an international committee, determining the outcome of approval.

Grant for Developing Countries

Zigurat has the social responsibility to provide equal access to world-class education whilst guaranteeing international diversification. We offer grants to professionals from developing countries that experience financial limitations and cannot proceed to further education. A distribution of grants, according to countries, editions of the programs and the right profile allows us to choose who will be selected.

Advisory Board

Key figures with experience in global brands, helping us build the digital future.

Gianluca Pucacco

Vice President, Global Sales Operations at Facebook

Gianluca is an Italian national, born and raised in Rome where he got his degree in Business Administration specializing in Statistical Textual Data Analysis. He also holds a Master in Strategy from the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. Gianluca’s passion for data, technology, process improvement and quality enabled the attainment of a Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Gianluca brings over 20 years of professional experience having worked across Europe and the US for some top blue-chip companies like Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, PayPal and Microsoft. Since 2011 he is employed by Facebook where he is the Vice President of Global Sales Operations focusing on strategy, planning, data analytics and operations. During his career, Gianluca has had the opportunity to perfect the importance of data analytics and operational excellence as key factors for strong decision making. Gianluca is particularly interested in building strategy and planning that helps companies to deliver transformational digital solutions for their clients, with a constant focus on efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Gianluca is very passionate about people management, in his experience mentorship, accountability, real-time feedback and ongoing support are vital to empower and nurture managers and employees to be their very best.

“Digital transformation is here, for companies it is a matter of adapt or die; adapting it is more than simply changing your technology strategy, it is embracing a holistic approach in a new journey of discovery that will require new customer interactions, different entry points but especially a new organizational culture.”

Anders Indset

Business Philosopher & Co-founder of Shapingwork

Anders Indset is a Norwegian-born business-philosopher, investor and successful entrepreneur based out of Frankfurt, Germany. He is a visiting guest lecturer at leading international business schools. Known for his unconventional thoughts, provoking theses and rock star attitude Anders is a much sought-after international keynote speaker on leadership, change, technology branding and creativity. Indset also gives an in-depth understanding of the trends of tomorrow and how leaders can handle the current speed of change and develop a digital mindset.

Indset borrows from his broad industry experience, which includes ten years as a consultant and numerous ventures. His expertise was further sharpened by co-founding a creative communication agency in 2004 that worked with a larger number of DAX-Companies and “Hidden Champions.” In 2013, Indset sold his shares in this highly successful company and moved on to other ventures which have included initiating and investing in start-ups for cloud-based software tools, eCommerce applications, and an “online print house.”

``Our Leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow.``

Lluis Altes

Managing Director at Digital Business World Congress

Independent consultant, expert in new business models, digital transformation and disruptive technologies. Lluis Altés stands out for his communication skills and his abilities to create solid relationships between management and the board of directors of all types of organizations.

Altés is an experienced manager and entrepreneur, capable of defining strategies and landing them thanks to his orientation to business development, marketing and the creation of equipment adapted to the evolution of the markets. As a thinker and entrepreneur who has held management positions in large companies and start-ups, Altés is a convinced defender of the reconciliation between personal and professional life, which cares as much for human capital as for the profitability of the business.

His professional career has developed within SMEs and large corporations in sectors such as textiles, food, telecommunications and technology. An experience that, together with his passion and curiosity without limits, has made him a recognized lecturer in the confluence between business and technology. In addition to his interventions as a speaker, Altés is the author of numerous inspiring articles in which he analyzes market trends, or various aspects of digital business and innovation; as well as the application of BDA, IoT, IA, Blockchain, VR among many others, in different sectors.

“A never-ending curiosity attitude and the ability to learn fast will drive you to success. Unleash your full potential, and become a leader in the digital world!”

Peter Maynard

Director Program Management at Microsoft

Peter is a Brit abroad having spent most of his life living abroad. Growing up in Qatar as it was under its own transformation from a country relying on pearl fishing to leveraging the full wealth of their gas and oil fields, he eventually ended up achieving a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Joining UPS out of University he got to experience first-hand how you climb from the bottom of a company to the top by working as a package delivery driver, working his way up to Industrial engineer and then emigrating to Belgium to take up roles in Marketing and Communications across EMEA. Finally moving to Microsoft to pursue his personal interest in bringing together the best of Marketing / Communications and Technology Peter has been a multiple award winner recognizing his accomplishments as one of the leading high-potentials in his area at Microsoft.

With the experience that Peter has captured across his life-adventure to date, he brings a broad perspective of both life and work experience to his role. Being fortunate to sit on the frontier between technology and business Peter feels a responsibility to enable businesses to leverage examples of Digital Transformation that have been driven by technology, so they can survive in the ever more challenging future.

Peter is particularly passionate about Artificial Intelligence and IoT as he sees these as the key building blocks that will enable businesses to survive and thrive and is excited about how many of the tools and processes to implement such technology are becoming increasingly democratized. In his spare time between traveling across Europe for his job, he likes to travel, exercise and spend time with his family.

“Transform or Die - If you can’t recognize the need to transform your business model to the disruption coming through digital transformation, then your business will die.”

Roland Rust

Digital Strategy & Product Innovation at 9dots Digital

Roland Rust is an Austrian entrepreneur and digital visionary. He considers himself as a creator, inventor, and enabler of all things digital. He joined a risk management development team in the banking industry in 2007 where a small group of developers invested their spare time to invent a unique technology for automating enterprise architecture development and maintenance. The core engine of this invention gave birth to a software company he co-founded in 2012. This venture aimed at providing a SAAS platform for model-driven enterprise application development.

Roland implemented a number of solutions for digital transformation initiatives such as a web and mobile platform to support a new data-driven business model for a company active in the fields of compression and drive technology. The experience of digital product innovation projects in collaboration with UX designer Stefanie Fleisch starting from 2014, gradually shifted his attention away from technology realizing that tech hardly ever was a crucial success factor in digital transformation.

In 2017 Roland left his company focusing on digital product innovation between ideation and prototyping together with Stefanie’s design firm 9dots digital. He has become an advocate of a human-centric approach to Digital Transformation and radically questions the status quo of our digital environments.

``Organisations will never have the ``mindset`` to drive Digital Transformation.
Only people will.``

Jordi Damia

CEO at Setesca

Jordi is an expertise director in business transformation and consultant in implementations of business improvements and information systems. He is Senior Telecommunications Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

His professional career covers the direction of the informatics department at important companies with job titles as CIO at Panrico, Renta Corporación, AXA and Winterthur, Director of Organization and Systems at Fira de Barcelona or Operations and Development Director at Pepsico.

He is a member of the advisory board of NEXICA, IDG and PSS, he has also been advisor at the scientific park of Barcelona, Bosch foundation and Gimpera of technological transference. Jordi is also former General Director of Universitat de Barcelona.

Since 2007, he is combining his professional labor as Founder and Director of Setesca, IT Consulting and Headhunting firm together with being Professor of Business Strategy in universities as EAE, EADA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, UPC, UB and Zigurat.

``We have the most expert professors to identify the appropriate solutions and implement them the most efficient way.``

Robin Weninger Blockchain Master Director

Robin Weninger

Director of Education at GTEC

Robin Weninger is the Managing Director of the management think-tank shapingwork. In addition, Robin is the Director Education at the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) and Lecturer at Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School in Barcelona, Lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the International School of Management as well as Coach in the Digital Product School, Munich.

He focuses on leading and guiding organizations through their challenges by forming internal vanguards of change. He does this by seeking new questions and plausible explanations through the development of new educational models to shape leaders to become “curators of compassion” and “leaders of change”. Robin works closely together with universities, thought leaders and management thinkers to develop state-of-the-art management practices, frameworks and best practices for action-orientated management. He designs individual coaching and training programs, helps organizations create goal-setting frameworks and get into a strategic flow. He also deals with behavioral design and complex systems theory to better utilize networks and runs roundtables around the future of work.

The World Economic Forum honored Robin as a Global Shaper in 2015 and as a Digital Leader in 2017. Robin is always keen and happy to support initiatives that change the world for the better and leave sustainable footprints for the future of education and work.

Oscar Sala

VP Product Strategy at Strands

Currently serves as VP Product Strategy in Strands, one of the most popular Fintech partner for Banks worldwide. Strands serves hundreds of banks worldwide providing Personal Finance management solutions, enabling banks to provide more customer-centric services based on customer needs, promoting a new digital banking paradigm.

He is involved in many international associations such as MobeyForum, discussing new digital banking models, mobile financial services and mobile payments. He is currently Co-Chair of Open Banking Working Group, with a clear focus on the opportunities behind PSD2 and OFX regulations to promote a new, customer-centric online banking paradigm.

He has large experience in digitizing traditional sectors, such as Banking, Ticketing and Retail, developing its electronic channels strategy to boost online sales and establishing new touchpoints with customers. Oscar holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE Business School, Spain as well as a Superior Degree in Computer Sciences from the University Polytechnic Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain.

In the past, Oscar served to Caixabank innovation group, analyzing Fintech applications to disrupt Digital Banking services. Caixabank was prized as the most innovative Bank on years 2013 and 2016.

Joan Casaponsa


After more than 30 years experience driving FMCG multinationals in several countries of which 24 as Chairman or CEO Juan is nowadays advisor or board member in several relevant organizations.

His executive profile and his deep involvement for more than 12 years as mentor and investor in quite a few start-ups have made of him a valuable contributor in very successful digital transformations in different companies and business fields.

Juan took as a personal challenge to ensure not only the high quality level of Zigurat´s programs but also the potential impact in their businesses that our students shall be able to make after.

“It’s not only about having a good education, it’s about how you will apply your learnings to positively change the industry.”


Academic Programs

Educational excellence is a key point for participants and so it is an accreditation from an official institution leading in the industry.

Business Certifications

Our participants trust Zigurat not only for its experience with more than 16 years in education but also for its certified quality services.

Program Collaborations

The quality of Zigurat’s programs is also endorsed by faculty board companies and collaborations.