General Conditions



1. Information

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., with NIF. B-62673900 and domiciled at C/ Almogàvers nº 66, 08018-Barcelona, registered at the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, volume 33982, sheet 221, form B 237729, 1st enrollment, offerd one of its services through the website located at:

The Website gives users registered on the platform (hereinafter referred to as “User” or “Registered User”),  in the indicated terms on these Conditions, the possibility of hiring online courses with download materials (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

These general conditions (hereinafter referred to as General Conditions) are applicable when the contracting the courses offered in this Website, both in regard to the hiring procedure and downloading of digital content, and to the terms and conditions in which said service will be performed.

We inform that these General Conditions will be complemented by the following legal documents available on our Website, all of which are mandatory.

  • Legal notice: regarding the general  terms of use of the Website, the protection of the intellectual and industrial property rights of ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., and other matters  not regulated in by these General Conditions. See Legal Notice.
  • Privacy Policy: In any aspects related to the treatment of personal data of users and/or registered users. See Privacy Policy.
  • Cookies Policy: In any aspects related to the treatment of users’ personal data and the use of cookies. See Cookies Policy.

In the event of a discrepancy between the legal texts contained in this page and these General Conditions, the latter will prevail to provide services that are available to the User.

Only Registered Users over the age of eighteen (18) and who have sufficient legal capacity to be bounded by the terms in these (General Conditions may hire the Service).

We inform that these General Conditions may be subject to modification by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. at any time.


2. Acceptance of General Conditions.

The contract of the Services through the Website will necessarily imply the acceptance by the User of these General Conditions. Thus, by ticking the box enabled to this effect in user registration, you accept, without any reservation of any kind to these general sconditions.


3. Contract Conditions

The use of certain services offered through the Website may be subject to the specific conditions that, depending on the case, replace, complement and/or modify these Legal Conditions. Therefore, prior to the use of these services, the registered user must read carefully and agree to all the corresponding particular Conditions.

The user may choose to hire different courses presented on this Website, as follows:

The user can consult all our training offers in the “all courses” section, stating the hiring processes according to the type of training program that the User intends to carry out.

3.1. Access and registration

It is possible to browse our page without registration, or by access as a registered user, in which case your username and password will provide access. In both cases, to purchase courses you must click the “Take this course” button. Each course specifies its characteristics, duration, description, presentation video, theme, teacher, as well as certification.

3.2. Registration form

3.2.1 Once Users have reviewed all the specifics of the training program and made their choice, you must click the “Add to cart” button, at which point the selected course will be included in your “Shopping cart”.

Once users have confirmed the courses they wish to include in their purchase, they must register or enter their account to continue the purchase process, which is detailed below:

The user must complete the registration form, with all the fields provided and accept the privacy policy, legal notice and the conditions of use and contracting provided to this effect.

3.2.2 If you have a promotional code or discount coupon you must enter it in the “Have a coupon” field.

3.2.3 All information provided by the user through this platform must be truthful. To this effect, the user guarantees the authenticity of all data that he/she communicates when completing the necessary form for the registration and access to our courses and/or training programs. Likewise, it will be the responsibility of the users to keep all information permanently updated in a way that corresponds to their actual situations. In any case, users will be solely responsible for any false and inaccurate statements they make and any damages they cause to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. or any third parties for the information they provided.

3.2.4 Once users have registered, they will receive a “Registration Confirmation” email from ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. which will provide them with their username. In this respect, we remind you that the protection of the username and password will be responsibility of the users, so they must protect it properly, and should not communicate it to third parties, to avoid identity theft or the provision of untruthful or incorrect information.


4. Shopping Options

Once you have selected the courses you wish to purchase, you will be sent to the “PayPal” payment page, where you can proceed with payment and order confirmation. At this time you can view the order before payment, in case you are not satisfied, you must modify the incorrect data, before confirming the payment.

4.1. Billing Details

In this section, the user can indicate the billing data and also modify this data at any time before the purchase confirmation.

4.2. Prices and method of payment

The final prices of the courses are those indicated in the descriptive guide. In any case, it is recommended that the registered user verify if the price indicated on the screen before the order confirmation corresponds with the indicated rates. In case of any divergence, the rates indicated in the purchase confirmation screen will prevail.

Payment at the time of course hiring and confirmation will be made through an electronic payment system (PayPal), which entails an automatic debit to the buyer, with the user being redirected to PayPal.

PayPal account: PayPal is a global leader in online payments. It is a secure payment system in which users open an account that later allows them to make payments in a diversity of online stores worldwide, using their credit or debit cards for this purpose. Paypal will be the only holder of the users´ bank details being an intermediary between the Client and ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. This payment method is immediate, the moment Clients make the payment, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. will receive it, proceeding to process their request (after previous verification of the information). To subscribe or get more information, visit, the PayPal Website. These links are external, and connect to webpages with their own conditions of use and/or privacy.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. assures Registered Users that, in relation to payment through virtual payment intermediaries, it does not keep any confidential data regarding any registered payment method, once said payment has been confirmed and the process of acquisition of our services has been finalized.

4.3. Payment confirmation

Once payment has been confirmed, to which you will automatically be sent as soon as the request is confirmed, users can download the training program, develop it and obtain access to videos, documents, software, spreadsheets, etc. inherent to the selected course.


5. Course access and intellectual property rights.

Access to courses and their related training material by users is personal and non-transferable, and does not imply any waiver, license or total or partial transfer of any industrial or intellectual property rights of said material from the part of its owners.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. authorizes Registered Users to use, view, print, download and store the contents and/or items from the contracted course available on the Website exclusively for their personal, private and non-profit use. It also makes the commitment to keep said contents/items strictly confidential during the Course, as well as after its completion.

Users will have access to the course material all through its duration, which is described in the information detailing each course. Users will only be able to use the material for their own personal purposes and, in no case, can they disclose or exploit said material.

For any other purpose different from those expressly allowed, it will be necessary to obtain previous written consent from the holder of the respective rights.

Among other things, users are expressly forbidden to:

  1. Copy, reproduce, “rip” (to extract or copy the material, fully or partially), download, print, forward, record, make publicly available or use the Course material (including, among others, titles, images and texts), partially or totally, in any other manner not expressly permitted by these Particular Conditions;
  2. Delete, modify, suppress or obstruct in any other way the effective operation of any measures taken to avoid the copying, distribution, making available to the public, downloading, modification, transformation or any other kind of improper or unauthorized access or treatment of Course material, either fully or partially.
  3. Evade any technology used to protect the Course material available through the Website, as well as to suppress or delete any mention or reference to the rights appertaining thereto.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. reserves the right to temporarily or definitely revoke any User´s access to the Website and, therefore, to the Course at any time in the case of supposed or actual unauthorized use of the Service, either because of violation of the provisions set forth in these Particular Conditions or of other causes.


6. Course completion and certification.

Users who complete a course that includes a certification upon its completion will be able to download a digital certificate from ZIGURAT from their Registered User´s account certifying said completion.


7. Right of Withdrawal on digital content downloads.

In order to comply with provisions set forth in Ley 3/2014 “Ley General para la Defensa de los Derechos de Consumidores y Usuarios” [Spanish consumer protection Law] for exercising the right of withdrawal, we inform of the limitations contained in article 103, applicable to any purchase of digital content through the electronic supply of data files subject to be immediately downloaded or reproduced for permanent use, and which include our courses with immediate download and access to digital content.

Thus, by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, Users are informed of, accept and expressly allow the exclusion of the right of withdrawal provided for by the current legislation.


8. Exclusion of liability.

Registered Users acknowledge and accept that the maximum liability from the part of ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. toward Registered Users which may derive from contracting, downloading and/or completing a training program is limited to the amount that, in any case, Registered Users have paid the Company.

In no case will ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. be liable for any other type of damages, actual, indirect or otherwise, or for any loss of profit Registered Users may suffer from the lack of completion of the contracted courses and/or any other incident related thereto.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. will not be liable for any events or circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to cases of “force majeure” or any other situations beyond the control of the Company.


9.  Exercise of legal actions.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. reserves the right to exercise as many legal actions as are legally available in order to demand any liability resulting from the non-compliance by a Registered User or third party of any of the provisions set forth in these General Conditions.


10. Partial nullity.

Should any of these General Conditions be declared null, invalid or ineffective this shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the others, that shall remain to be binding between the parties. The resignation from any party to demand compliance with any of the general conditions stated herein at any time shall neither imply a general resignation from compliance with any other condition or conditions, nor create an acquired right for the other party.


11. Privacy and Data Protection.

By providing their email address or any other personal data during registration, a requisite for contracting and using certain services, users grant their consent for the treatment of said email address and personal data, for both performing the requested professional service and for sending promotional or advertising commercial communications of the services and products offered by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., makes [email protected] available to Users so that they may revoke the consent given. As well as the rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose provided by the current legislation. Said rights may also be exercised at: C/ ALMOGÀVERS Nº66. 08018-BARCELONA


12. Incidences or claims.

In order to inform of any incidence or claim, Registered Users may contact ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. at:

  2. Email address: [email protected]

Phone number: (+34) 911 09 15 10


13. Jurisdiction.

These General Conditions, as well as any other item related to the usage and contracting of the Service shall be governed by the provisions set forth in the Spanish legislation. Any controversy that may arise between the parties is subject, as a matter regarding an end user, to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts in the user´s domicile. In case of a corporate contract, both parts are subject to the Courts of Barcelona (Spain), expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.

The contracting procedure for the Service and any contractual documents governing the formalized relationship will be done in Barcelona, Spain.

These General Conditions may be subject to modifications, which will be notified on the Website.



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