BIM World Implementation Strategies is an online course about the state of the implementation of BIM in various parts of the world: the Americas, Europe and Asia.


All the speakers are leading professionals developing BIM standards and implementation strategies in the AECO Industry worldwide. The majority of them are presidents and key figures of their respective country’s chapter of buildingSMART, representing the following countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, Portugal, South Korea and Singapore.

Different topics will be explained and discussed in the event between speakers and online attendees, such as the state of BIM around the world, the most recent developments in international and global standards, international job opportunities, levels of BIM implementation and real case studies.



  • Be at the forefront of BIM implementation strategies worldwide
  • Discover international business opportunities of BIM
  • Interact in real time with leading figures of BIM standards and implementation strategies around the world
  • Watch the event via live broadcast for free
  • Obtain special conditions for the BIM Management programs of Zigurat and BIM Freelance. Programs are offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Be part of the global network of professionals related to the BIM business with the BIMCommunity social platform, media partner of the event, with 15,000+ users.


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  1. nice

    To see the strategies of different countries in the development of Bim looking for implementation in its market

  2. Good debate

    Is a nice debate to understand the implementations strategies of BIM around the World, very well documented by the intervenientes.

  3. Excellent

    Shows how BIM is developing internationally

  4. excellent course!

    an excellent oportunity to know the BIM implementation all over the world.

  5. Great

    Overall the course was great, interesting and productive to me as civil engineer. However, I believe it could be mentioned more Brazilian initiatives on BIM approach, such as Rede BIM Gov Sul and Portal BIM Paraná.

  6. BIM World Implementation Strategies



    It is important to apply strategies when using the bim methodology since you must know how to apply it depending on the type of infrastructure or work to be related, combining different tips of software with which you will work with the appropriate staff. It is important that you train the staff who will work with the team with whom you are going to carry out the project.

    It must take advantage of the work capacity and efficiency that can have this methodology of work, since it will help to avoid fewer problems when executing the work through the 7D.
    It is also important that when applying this methodology you will know about the standards that go hand in hand with the methodology which is for example ISO 12006-3: 2007 ..

  8. Impressive Content

    The content of the presentations are very rich, people from around the globe share with the audience their experiences and practices.
    It is very useful to know the BIM is developing in different countries and where it will be in the future.

  9. Percepción del curso BIM World Implementation Strategies

    El curso de estrategias de implementación BIM en países como Noruega, Canadá, Corea del Sur, son claros ejemplos de lo complicado que ha sido inclusive para los países desarrollados, sin embargo el factor común ha sido una mejora de la calidad integral en todas las fases de un proyecto.

  10. BIM Approaches in the World

    Interesting looks and learning of the adoption of BIM and experiences in countries with a development in standards. Recommended at any level of work.

  11. Thank you!

    Thank you for a course! Was interesting to know about the level of BIM in professional life of different countries.

  12. Implementation strategies

    Excellence recent informtation about implementation plans around the world.


    Very god!

  14. He intentado hacer varios cursos para el Máster Global BIM. Es una gran forma para empezar a conocer el entorno.

  15. Tengo varios cursos de BIM con ustedes, y voy a apuntarme al Máster para terminar de apuntalar mis conocimientos.

  16. Un curso sencillo y completo que te ayuda a conocer de manera genérica y completa la implementación del BIM.

  17. Una manera excelente de iniciarte en el mundo BIM, sobretodo si has tenido oportunidad de tratar con BIM anteriormente.

  18. Learning from the world of BIM

    An enriching opportunity to learn from different countries approaches and strategies to implement BIM and make this methodology of work the standard that can improve the productivity of the construction industry locally and internationally.

  19. BIM World Implementation Strategies

    Very use full information about country and its own BIM strategies.

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