Contenido del Curso

Introduction to BIM
Definition and objectives 00:00:00
Origins and history 00:00:00
International context 00:00:00
BIM Levels 00:00:00
The level of maturity of BIM. Mohsen Far and Ioanna Alsasua 00:03:36
buildingSMART and IFC 00:00:00
From CAD to BIM
From CAD to BIM 00:00:00
The emergence of BIM. Justin Aungst 00:02:24
Technological Capabilities of BIM
The benefits of the BIM tools. Vladimir González 00:02:19
Parametric 3D Digital Modeling 00:00:00
Clash detections on project. Nuno Pires 00:01:18
4D Planning and Project Management 00:00:00
5D Measurements and Cost Control 00:00:00
6D Analysis and Energy Efficiency 00:00:00
Structure and Facilities 00:00:00
7D Facility Management 00:00:00
Open BIM and Open Workflows. Mohsen Far and Ioanna Alsasua 00:01:50
Collaborative Work
Collaborative work 00:00:00
Collaborative culture. Claudio Marras 00:04:04
BIM Cloud Solutions. Mohsen Far and Ioanna Solsasua 00:03:52
Main Tools for BIM Use
BIM Software 00:00:00
BIM Software and platforms. Antonio Tort and Vladimir Domínguez 00:02:50
Social Platforms 00:00:00
Material Manufacturers and BIM
Manufacturers and BIM 00:00:00
BIM BAM BOOM. Ignasi Perez 00:03:59
The industrialization of the building industry. Ignasi Perez 00:02:58
BIM Implementation in Organizations
Implementation in Organizations 00:00:00
The BIM Implementation Plan. Antonio Tort 00:04:31
The huge global demand of BIM Managers. Ivo Mainardi 00:01:07
BIM Dictionary
BIM Dictionary 00:00:00
Give us a Feedback 00:00:00


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