1. Information

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., with NIF. B-62673900 and domiciled at C/ Almogàvers nº 66, 08018-Barcelona, registered at the Mercantile Register of Barcelona under volume 33982, sheet 221, form B 237729, 1st enrollment, offers one of its services through the website located at:

Our website offers Users (hereinafter referred to as “User” or “Student”), on the terms indicated in this document, the possibility of obtaining information on different online training programs and academic masters’ degrees, as well as of hiring and taking part in online courses with download of digital content (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”).

These General Conditions are supplemented by the following legal documents available on our website, all of which are mandatory:

  • Legal Notice: regarding the general conditions of use of the Portal, the protection of the intellectual and industrial property rights of ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. and other issues that are not regulated in these General Conditions. See Legal Notice.
  • Privacy Policy: in any aspects related to the processing of Users´ and/or registered users´ personal data. See Privacy Policy.
  • Cookies Policy: in any aspects related to the processing of users’ personal data and the use of Cookies. See Cookies Policy.

The hiring of our courses or training programs is limited to those users over eighteen (18) years old and/or have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these General Conditions or to those specific to the different modes available for contracting our training programs.

These General Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions”) are applicable to the contracting of the Services advertised through this page, both in relation to the hiring procedure, as well as in regard to the terms and conditions in which this service will be provided.

These General Conditions may be modified by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., any such modifications will be communicated on this Website.

2. Acceptance of the General Conditions.

The contracting of Services through this Website implies the acceptance of these conditions by the User, without prejudice to the rest of conditions agreed to individually. Therefore, by hiring our services – the User accepts these General Conditions without reservation, as well as those that are established with an ancillary and individual nature with our “Guidance and Admissions Department”. In this way, contracting by the User shall be governed by these General Conditions or by those that at any time are in force and are accepted by the User in accordance with the procedure described in this paragraph, or by those established under the terms according to the different hiring modules.

In case of discrepancy between the different legal texts contained within the Website and these General Conditions, the latter will prevail, without prejudice to the particular conditions that the user has agreed to with our “Department of Guidance and Admission”, which will prevail over these, whenever these are in writing and have been previously accepted by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL.

3. Contracting of training programs, masters, and online courses

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. uses various channels for the dissemination of its academic, postgraduate, masters and certified programs. Therefore, the contracting of our services can be done in different ways, as follow:


3.1 Consulting and contracting courses through the Website.

The consultation and contracting of our online courses is done through the enabled section in our main menu in the “Courses” link, in which the user will be redirected to, then the contracting process will be done according to the type of course that users intend to take, and from where they must accept the general conditions of specific hiring expressly and without reservations at the time of contracting.


3.2 Consulting and contracting of academic, postgraduate, masters and certificate programs.

On this page, it is possible for the user to consult detailed information on most of our academic, postgraduate, masters and certificate programs. Users must go to the sections enabled for this purpose, named: “All programs” or “Training programs” or to any of those enabled, from where they can review all our training programs and their general information individually. You can also download the catalog of the program, which will provide you with additional information about the training program, or by completing the forms available to request information, in which users must record the requested data in the required fields in order to give them the best attention. Upon an additional information request by users and within a maximum of 48 hours, our “Guidance and Admissions Department” may contact them on the phone number provided their request, in order to resolve their doubts or to elaborate on information about our training programs, as well as facilitating a quote if the user deems it appropriate.

In case the user does not find information about a specific program, we recommend requesting it by sending your request to [email protected] in order to obtain the information regarding the program that you want to know about.

4. Registration and enrollment in our training programs.

Once the user has decided that they want to hire our services and start one of our training programs, the “Guidance and Admissions Department” will contact the User to begin the admission and hiring process. Our “Guidance and Admissions Department” will explain the admission process and provide the user with the necessary documents for registration and enrollment, as well as facilitate the individual contracting conditions, which will be deemed as particular binding conditions attached to these General Conditions.


4.1 Method of payment

At ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., we believe in the safety of our users, so we offer the best and most convenient forms of payment to take a ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. training program. ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. has different options for the user to achieve their goals with maximum security and tranquility. Our usual means of payment are as follow:

  1. Flywire:

If you wish to sign up using a different payment method, you should contact our “Guidance and Admissions Department” which will indicate the most appropriate method according to the needs of the user.

In case of payment by electronic means, registration on the contracted course will be formalized at the moment the bank confirms ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. that said payment has been made by the User.

At the end of the payment process, an e-mail will be sent to the User, which will contain the confirmation of the payment made, as well as the information of the contracted training program.

In the event that you do not receive the confirmation email within forty-eight (48) hours following the hiring of the Service, we ask you to communicate this circumstance by writing to: [email protected], or by contacting us on phone number: 0034.93.300.12.10


4.2 Confirmation of registration and enrollment

Once payment has been made by users (student), their advisor in the “Guidance and Admissions Department” will send them the registration confirmation document by e-mail, and in the same way our “Administration Department” will send them the pre-ticket or ticket of the chosen training program, depending on whether said program has already been started.

The training program must be carried out in a personal and non-transferable manner by the designated person, unless expressly authorized by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L.

5. Start of the master’s degree or graduation programs

At the beginning of the training program, the secretariat will send the student a welcome e-mail in which the instructions for accessing the online platform and the corresponding training program documentation will be provided. At this time, an access key that can only be used by the student will be provided, or the person designated to perform the contracted course, in any case. Registered students will be responsible at all times for the custody of their access key, assuming consequently any damages and losses that may be caused by their misuse, as well as by its assignment, disclosure or loss. To these effects, the access to restricted areas and/or the use of the materials delivered for the performance of the program, done using the key of a Student shall be deemed as done by said Student, who will respond in any case of such access and use. Students may modify their unique key at any time. In case the key is forgotten or any other circumstance that entails a risk of access and/or use by unauthorized third parties, students should immediately notify ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. with the aim of immediately preceding to the blockade and replacement thereof. The possible cancellation of the access key and return of the study materials by the student or, in any case, the person designated to perform the course, will not exempt them of total fulfillment of what is established in these conditions or in the commitments agreed to individually with the user.


5.1 Duration of the program.

The content and validity of each master´s or postgraduate degree is limited individually in accordance with the concrete offer to which it is applicable. In this sense, each submitted offer will detail the content, direction and specific performance conditions of the training program, information that will be considered as particular conditions and which should be expressly accepted at the time of contracting the training program. After the period of validity for the completion of the master’s or postgraduate studies without said studies being performed by the student, the master’s degree or postgraduate course will be understood to have been withdrawn from its completion by the user, who therefore cannot claim to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. the certification of said course or its supporting diploma. As a consequence of this loss of validity, it will no longer be possible to access the academic platform, or exercise the right of withdrawal described below, or take the course, and, therefore, any part of the price paid by the student will not be refunded, unless otherwise agreed to by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. and the Student.

Once students finish the master’s or postgraduate degree in time and form, their access to the training platform will be limited to a maximum of 30 days after its completion, after this period, students´ access to the platform and the training program will be canceled.


5.2 Documentation of the academic program:

The documentation of the chosen training program (documents in “pdf” format, “google docs“, plans, software spreadsheets, downloadable files, videos, etc.) will be activated taking into account the stages of course development and always under the planned schedule, given at the beginning of the course and available until the end of the program.


5.3 Tutorials, live connections and forums.

In view of the nature of our training programs, we make a tutor/facilitator available to students, who provides guidance and advice, and makes discussion forums available to the students. In addition, some course topics may offer live connections between teachers and students, through webinars, seminars or similar tools, these seminars will be recorded and will be available to the rest of the users in the academic platform.

  • Cancellation by a student in a training program.

Student can have the contracted courses cancelled once they have started. Users should inform of this circumstance to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. through its Educational and Admissions Consultant or their Tutor/academic counselor to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Nonetheless, Users are informed that their voluntary resignation of their contracted course, will not result in the refund of any quantity paid for enrollment in said course.


5.4 User Qualifications and Evaluation.

The student will be qualified according to the evaluation criteria provided in each program and always under the evaluation criteria of the teaching staff and achievement of the training stages.

Once the program has been passed, the student wii gain the right to have the respective certificate of achievement issued by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. ensures the certification associated with the training program at the time of enrollment, and will not be responsible for the subsequent issuance of certificates by third parties.

6. Industrial and intellectual property

The student acknowledges and accepts that all industrial and intellectual property rights over the contents of the course programs, materials delivered to the student and/or any other elements included in the Website and in the academic platform (including, but not limited to, trademarks, logos, trade names, documents, images, graphics, drawings, databases, software, flow diagrams, presentation, audio and video) belong to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. and/or to third parties. In no case does the access to the Training Platform website imply any type of waiver, transmission, license or total or partial assignment of these rights, unless expressly stated otherwise. These General Conditions do not confer Students any other right to use, alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate the Web Site, platform and/or any of its contents other than those expressly provided herein. Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to previous and express authorization specifically granted by the Company or the third-party owner of the rights affected. ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. authorizes Students to use, display, print, download and store the contents and/or information of the contracted course inserted in the Website, exclusively for their personal, private and non-profit use.

It is strictly prohibited to use such information, its reproduction, communication and/or distribution for purposes other than the personal training of the student, as well as its modification, alteration or any similar actions. For any uses other than those expressly permitted, the prior written consent of the holder of the rights in question must be obtained.

The student expressly accepts that, during the training program, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. may publish material made by the student that it deems appropriate for the execution of the program, as well as in its blogs, webpages and/or social networks, nevertheless, the student may at any time revoke consent to this publication by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

7. Corporate Responsibility

The student accepts that the maximum liability contracted by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. in respect to Students, which may result from their contracting any course, as well as any downloads and/or performance related to said course, shall be limited to the amount that, in any case, the student has paid ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL.

In no event will ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. be liable for any other type of damages, actual, indirect or otherwise, or for the loss of profit that may have been suffered by the student due to the lack of completion of the contracted training program and/or for any incident not attributable to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. during the performance of said program.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. shall not be liable for any circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, acts of God or any other circumstance outside the control of ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L.

8. Right of withdrawal of the student.

Students may withdraw from the training program, provided that such withdrawal takes place within a period of fourteen (14) working days from the date in which they received the confirmation message of registration and/or contracting of the course. To exercise this right, the student must contact ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. in writing (to the postal address or e-mail contact address, indicated in these Conditions).

Once the receipt of the request to withdraw is confirmed and processed by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., any quantities disbursed by the User will be refunded, and written confirmation of said request will be sent to the User, as well as the acceptance of the withdrawal request. Reimbursement of quantities will take place within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the withdrawal.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, this right of withdrawal will not be applicable and, therefore, the Student may not exercise it in any of the following cases:

  1. For courses on provision of services, in case the course has already begun and although said course, according to the information provided, has begun within less than fourteen (14) days since its hiring.
  2. When the User does not have consumer status in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulation.
  3. When because of the characteristics of the Course there may be the exclusion of the right of withdrawal according to Law 3/2014 (Term 9 of these General Conditions).

The cancellation or withdrawal as a User does not suppose the cancellation of other courses contracted by the Student in respect of which he or she has not expressly exercised the right to withdraw.

9. Right of withdrawal of the download of digital content

In the duty of compliance with Law 3/2014, “General Law for the Protection of the Rights of Consumers and Users” on exercising the right of withdrawal, we inform you of the limitations on its exercise, reflected on article 103: they will be applicable in the purchase of digital content through the supply of electronically supplied computer files, which can be downloaded or reproduced with immediate effect for permanent use, in which some of our courses are included by redirecting to our Website, in which the download of digital content is immediate.

By downloading this type of course with immediate download of digital content (available to the user on our page), the user is informed, accepts and is expressly aware of the exclusion of the right to withdraw provided for in the current legislation.

10. Exclusions.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. will not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Website or Educational Platforms, or of those other pages with which, in any case, a link has been established. Additonally, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. will not be responsible for any damages and losses that may be derived from the lack of suitability of the page for the specific needs of Users and Students, and other damages that may be caused by third parties through unauthorized interference outside the control of the Company.

In order to reduce the risk of introduction of viruses in the Website, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. uses virus detection programs to control all content that is introduced in the Website. Nevertheless, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. will not guarantee the absence of virus or other elements introduced in the Website by parties different to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL that can produce changes in the hardware or software of the Registered Users or in the electronic documents and folders stored in their systems.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not have access to the type of usage that the User has of the Website or the conditions, characteristics, and circumstances in which said usage is made. Accordingly, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. will not be liable in any way for any damages and losses that could be derived from this unauthorized access.


10.2 Exclusion of guarantees and liability for content.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. does not edit the contents published by third parties on the Website, and, consequently, does not guarantee or is liable for the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and up-to-date status of these contents. ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. will not be liable in any case for any damages that could be derived from these circumstances; the unsuitability for any kind of purpose and for any failure to meet any expectations generated by the content; decisions or actions taken or avoided by the User.


10.3 Exclusion of guarantees and liability in connection with third party links.

This Wesite provides technical linking devices, directories and search tools that allow Users to access pages and/or websites owned and managed by third parties, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. shall in no case be liable, approve, nor make any products, services, contents, information, data, files and any class of material existing on such websites its own.

11. Exercise of legal actions.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. reserves the right to exercise all legal actions available to demand the responsibilities that derive from the non-compliance of any of the provisions of these General Conditions by a User or third party.

12. Partial nullity.

The declaration of any of these General Conditions as void, invalid or ineffective will not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining ones, which will remain to have binding effects between the parties. The waiver by either party to demand at any given time the fulfillment of any of the general conditions stipulated herein shall not imply a general waiver of compliance with another condition or conditions, nor shall it create an acquired right for the other party.

13. Privacy and Data Protection.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL. takes any necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of any personal data contained therein and to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, given the current state of technology, nature of the data and the risks to which it is exposed.

Any personal data provided will be included in the manual or automated folders registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, under the ownership of the Company, which will use it for proper management of the contractual relationship.

In order to contract our services, you must agree to the information contained in our PRIVACY POLICY.

By completing registration as an e-mail address or other personal data user, a necessary requirement for contracting and using certain services, the users grant their consent for the treatment of said e-mail address and personal data in order to carry out the commissioned professional charge, to send commercial promotional announcements advertising the services and products offered by ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SL., makes the e-mail address [email protected] available for anyone to revoke the consent given. As well as the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition guaranteed by the current legislation. Which can also be exercised at: C / ALMOGÀVERS Nº66. 08018-BARCELONA.

14. Incidents or complaints

The User and/or student shall communicate any incident or claim to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. at:

  2. E-mail address: [email protected]
  3. Telephone: (+34) 911 09 15 10
15. Jurisdiction.

The contracting procedure of the Service and all the contractual documents that govern the formalized relationship will be carried out in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

These General Conditions, as well as any other question regarding the use and contracting of these services, will be governed by the provisions of the Spanish legislation. Any dispute that may arise between the parties is submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts, in the case of final consumers, to the place of the user’s domicile. In the case of contracting carried out by a company, both parties are subject to the Courts, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.