1.- Information.


ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., Tax Identification Code: CIF: B-62673900 and with a registered office in: C/ Almogàvers nº 66, 08018-BARCELONA, registered in the Trade Register of Barcelona Volume 33982, Sheet Number 237729, Inscription 1, provides its services via the following website:


Website offers to the user registered with the website, in the terms indicated in the Legal Disclaimer, (hereafter the ´´Registered User´´ or the ´´Registered Users´´), the possibility of applying for the online courses or download of digital content (hereafter, the ´´Service´´).



These standard terms and conditions (hereafter, ´´General Conditions´´) apply to the procurement of the Service through this Webpage, both to the procurement procedure or download of the online courses offered, with regard to the terms and conditions in which this Service will be provided in This way, the procurement by the part of Registered User will be governed by these General Conditions, or that at any given moment are in force and are accepted by Registered User in accordance with the procedure which is expressed in this paragraph, or that are established in specific paragraphs according to different modules of procurement.


We inform you who will complement these General Conditions the following legal texts available in our Website are of obligatory acceptance:



Legal Disclaimer: concerning the general conditions of use of the Web Page, safeguarding the right of intellectual and industrial property of the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. and any other issues not covered by these General Conditions.

See Legal Disclaimer


Privacy Policy: in the aspects relating to the processing of personal data of Users and/or registered users.


Cookies Policy: regarding the aspects of the processing of personal data of Users and use of Cookies. See Cookies Policy.


In the event of any inconsistency between different legal texts contained in the Web Page and these General Conditions, these latter will prevail for the provision of the services offered to the Registered User of the Website


Only those Registered Users can engage the Services that are over the age of eighteen (18) years and that have sufficient legal power to be bound by these General Conditions.


We inform you that these General Conditions may be modified by the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. in any moment.

2.- Acceptance of the General Conditions.


The procurement of the services through the Web Site necessarily implies the acceptance by the Registered User of these General Conditions. In such a way, by checking the enabled box for this purpose and/or procurement, registration or download of the course or corresponding digital content, you accept, without any reservation, these general conditions.


3.- Process of procurement of courses or digital content download.


The procurement of the Services is performed through the section of the Website ´´Courses´´ or ´´Downloads´´, in conjunction with the procurement process according to the type of course or download of digital content that is intended. Also the procurement may be performed for the direct purchase of courses or for the download of digital content from other pages designed for the purpose.


4.- Information about inscription in Courses or Digital Content Download.


The content and period of every course is limited individually under the specific offer that is associated with it. In this regard, every offer included in the Section will detail the content, address and specific conditions of completion of course offered, information all that will have the nature of particular conditions and that will have to be explicitly accepted upon the moment of the course procurement.


After the period of completion of the course that Registered User engaged in without completing it, the course will lose its validity. The consequence of this loss of validity is that it will no longer be possible nor the exercise of the right of withdrawal indicated further, nor the completion of the course, not proceeding, therefore, any refund of price satisfying the Registered User.


Contracted and disbursed the course, the same will have to be performed by the physical person listed as the Registered User with his email address upon the moment of his procurement, being, therefore, personal fulfilment and not transferable by such person designated, unless expressly authorized by the



For the course completion, once the total paid, the access key will be provided that may only be used by the Registered User, or when appropriate by the designated person to complete the course booked. Registered Users will be responsible at all times for safekeeping of his key of access, assuming consequently any damages or harms could stem from its undue use, as well as from its cession, revelation or loss. To that effect, the access to restricted areas and/or the use of materials delivered for the completion of the course, carried out with the key of Registered User will be reputed realized by the mentioned Registered User, who will answer in any case of the above mentioned access and use. Registered Users may modify their exclusive password at any time by sending a request to ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. In case of negligence of the key or any other circumstance that should suppose a risk of access and/or use on the part of third not authorized, the Registered Users will have to communicate it immediately to the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. in order that this one should proceed immediately to the blockade and replacement of the same one. Likely cancellation of the access key and return of material by the Registered User or, where appropriate, a person designated to complete the course, will not exempt none of them from the fulfilment of established in these General Conditions. During the course, the Registered User or, when applicable, a person designated for its completion undertake to report to the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. any change of contact details, or its physical location, when applicable, in order to maintain normal contractual relationship between the two, as well as the constant updating of the data provided to the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L.


The User acknowledges and accepts that all intellectual and industrial property rights over the content of the courses, materials that is delivered for its completion and/or any other features placed on the Website and in on the Platform (including, without limitation, trademarks, logotypes, trade names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sound, databases,  software, flow charts, presentation, audio and video), are the property of ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., and/or third parties.


In no event does access to the Web Site or to the training Platform imply any kind of waiver, transmission, license or total or partial cession of such rights, unless otherwise expressly established. These General Conditions do not award the Registered Users with any other right of use, alteration, development, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the Website or of the Platform and/or of his different Contents of here expressly due. Any other use or development of any of the rights the author is entitled to, require the prior and express permission specifically granted to that end by the Society, or the third holder of the affected rights. ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L.  authorizes the Registered Users to use, display, print, download and store the content and/or elements from the contracted course, inserted in the Website, exclusively for personal, private, non-profit use. There remains finally prohibited the use of such elements, their reproduction, communication and/or distribution for different purposes of personal training of the Registered User, as well as its modification, alteration or similar. For any other use different from the expressly authorized ones, it will be necessary to obtain prior written permission from the holder of the rights in question.


The Registered User may cancel the contracted course once it started, informing of the mentioned circumstance ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. via the following e-mail address: In the event of a voluntary dismissal from the contracted course refund of any amount that was paid as a consequence of an inscription in the course will not be issued.


5.- Prices and Payment Methods.


In case that procurement of services includes a price, final prices of the courses are indicated in the fact sheet on the date of the order. Anyhow, it is recommended for the Registered User to check if the final price claimed in the previous screen of the confirmation of the procurement corresponds with the rates included in the course desired to perform. Given that there exists some divergence, the rates quoted in the previous screen of the confirmation of the procurement will prevail.


Payment can be done, by the choice of the Registered User at the moment of procurement using electronic means of payment (Pay Pal), which involve automatic charge to the purchaser.


5.1. Paying by the electronic means of payment.


Payment through electronic means shall be made through payment gateways TPV (point of sale or similar), without any legal obligation to the Society, these payment gateways have a safe area for providing sensitive information of the Registered User to process electronic payment through the encryption protocols of information.


Once the Registered User confirmed the procurement of the course, the payment of the indicated amount will have to be made.


In the case of payment through electronic virtual means, the enrollment or download of the contracted course will be formalized at the moment at which the bank or receiver of the payment confirms that it has been carried out by the Registered User.


ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. guarantees to the Registered User regarding the payment through the virtual payment gateways that those do not store confidential information related to the means of payment used registered, once it has been confirmed and procurement process is finalized.


6.- Confirmation of the registration in the course or download of digital content.


Upon completion of payment process as stated in the following paragraphs 5.1 the email will be sent to the Registered User, to the address provided upon signing up to the Service, which will contain purchase confirmation as well as the information about the contracted course.


In the case that you don’t receive the confirmation Email within the following forty eight (48) hours after the procurement of the Service, we ask you to communicate this circumstance to the email address:, or by contacting us on the phone: 93.300.12.10


7.- Responsibility of the Society.


The Registered User acknowledges and agrees that the maximum liability of the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. against the Registered User which might result from the contract, download and/or provision of courses, is limited to the amount that, when applicable, the Registered User would have paid to the Society.


Under no circumstances ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. will answer any other type of damage, whether effective, indirect or of any other kind, nor for loosing benefits that the Register User may have suffered due to the failure to complete the contracted course and/or any incident in their completion.

ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. will not answer for any fact or circumstance beyond its control, including, without limitation, cases of force majeure or any other circumstance outside of the control of the Society.


8.- Right of Withdrawal of the Registered User.


The Registered User may always terminate the contract of the course and when this withdrawal happens within fifteen (15) working days from the date you received, through the email, confirmation message of the procurement. For exercising this right, the Registered User should approach ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. in writing (to the postal or email address, indicated in these Conditions).


Once the request of withdrawal is received and dealt with, reimbursement of those amounts disbursed by the Registered User will be processed, as well as the acceptance of the request of withdrawal. The reimbursement of the amount will take place within a maximum time limit of thirty (30) days from the cancellation.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Registered User shall not apply this right of withdrawal and, therefore, the Registered User may not exercise it in any of the following cases:



  • For being courses provision of services, in the event that the course has already started and, although the course, according to the information provided, has begun in less than fifteen (15) working days since the contract date.


  • When the Registered User does not have a customer condition in accordance with the regulations applicable.


  • When due to the characteristics of the course may be the exclusion of the right of withdrawal in accordance with the Law 3/2014 (Paragraph 9 of these General Conditions).


  • Termination or cancellation as the Registered User does not lead to the cancellation of any other courses contracted by the Registered User and on which the right of withdrawal has not been expressively exercised.


9.- Right of Withdrawal in Digital Content Download


Under the compliance of the Law 3/2014, ´´General Law for the Protection of Rights of Consumers and Users´´ on the effects of exercising the right of withdrawal, we inform you about limitations on its exercise reflected in the article 103: the following will apply in the purchase of digital content through the delivery of files, transmitted electronically, downloaded or immediately reproduced for permanent use, in which encompass some of our courses which download of digital content is immediate.


In the download of this type of course with digital content of immediate download made available to the user in our Web Page, the user is informed, accept and expressly consent the exclusion of the right of withdrawal contemplated by the legislation in effect.




  • Exemption from liability on the operation of the Web Site.


ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. does not guarantee the availability and continuity of operation of the Website or of the other websites with which have been established, when applicable, a Link. Likewise, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. will not be in any case responsible for any damage or harm that might derive from the lack of availability or accessibility to the Website or to the other sites with which link has been established; interruption in the operation of the Website or computer breakdowns, telephone faults, disconnections, delays or saturations caused by deficiencies or overloading of telephone lines, of the Internet system or of other electronic systems occurring in the course of operation thereof; lack of suitability of the Web Site for the specific needs of the Registered Users and other damages that might be caused by third parties through unauthorized intromissions or hackers outside the control of the Society.


With the aim of reducing the risk of viruses on the website, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. uses a virus detection programs to control all the contents it publishes on the Web Site. However, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. cannot warrant the absence of viruses or other elements on the Website introduced by third parties unrelated to the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. that might give rise to alterations in the hardware or software systems of the Registered Users or the electronic documents and files stored in their systems.


However, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. does not guarantee the unauthorized use by third parties to access the type of use of the Web Site made by the Registered User or conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which that use is made. As a consequence, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L shall under no circumstances be responsible for any damage or harm of any nature that could stem from the presence of virus or other elements that can produce alterations in the physical systems or logician, electronic documents or files of the Registered Users. Likewise, ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. adopts diverse measurements of protection to protect the Website and the Content against computer attacks of third.


ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. under no circumstances accepts responsibility for the use made by the Registered Users and/or third parties of the Website or its Content of both, or for damages that might derive therefrom.


10.2 Exclusion of guarantees and of responsibility for the Contents.


ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. does not edit third-party content published on the website and thus does not guarantee or take responsibility for the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of such content.


ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. shall in no case be liable for any damage or harm that might derive from these facts; the inappropriateness for any particular purpose and non-fulfilment of expectations generated by the Contents; decisions or actions taken or avoided by the Registered User.


10.3 Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for links or links of third parties.


This Web Page makes available for the Users technical devices of linkage, directories and hardware of search that allow to the Users to gain access to pages and/or belonging web sites to and/or managed for third. ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. in no case, becomes accountable, approve, nor own the products, services, contents, information, data, files and any class of existing material on such web pages and neither controls nor becomes responsible, approves or makes the successive modifications of the above mentioned materials own.




11.- Exercise of Actions


ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. reserves the right to exercise all the actions be available in right to demand the responsibilities that should stem from the nonperformance of any of the dispositions of these General Conditions by the Registered User or third parties.


12.- Nulidad parcial. Severability/Partial invalidity


The declaration of any of these General Conditions as void, invalid or ineffective it will not affect to the validity or efficacy of the remaining ones, which will keep on being binding between the parts. The waiver by any of the parties to demand the compliance at a given time of any of the conditions stipulated herein shall not imply a general waiver to comply with the other condition or conditions, nor shall it create an acquired right for the other party.



13.-Privacy and Data Protection Policy


By completing the registration as user of that email address and any other personal data, that is necessary request for the procurement and monitoring of certain services the user gives his or her consent that mentioned email addresses and personal data are managed besides to handle the professional commission entrusted, to send commercial communications of promotion or advertising of services and products offered by the ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L., makes available to the Clients the email address for which they may revoke the consent given. Likewise the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection guaranteed by the legislation in force. That also may be exercised in: C/ ALMOGÀVERS Nº66. 08018-BARCELONA.


14.- Incidents and claims.


To report any incident or complaint, the Registered Users can get in touch with ZIGURAT GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S.L. via:






  1. E-mail address:


These General Conditions may be subject to modifications that will be communicated on the Web Site.


The procedure for the procurement of the Service and all the Contract Documents under which formal relationships will be governed will be held in Spanish.


These General Conditions, as well as any other matter concerning utilization and procurement of the Service will be governed by the arranged in the Spanish legislation. Any disputes that may occur between the parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, with express renunciation by the parties to any particular jurisdiction which may correspond to them.