• On a battlefield, it’s not always the one who strikes first, who wins. You...
    COVID-19, the example that reflects the need to invest in Smart Cities
    27 March, 2020
  • As you might remember, the COP25 marked by fraught negotiations in early December, didn’t...
    Circular Economy as a Countermeasure to Climate Crisis
    5 February, 2020
  • In today’s post, we turn to the superblocks of Barcelona. Superblocks is an ambitious...
    Barcelona’s Superblocks
    10 January, 2020
  • For today’s post we found inspiration in a TEDx Talk by Ramon Gras, a...
    What Makes an Innovation District Flourish?
    28 November, 2019
  • The fast and inevitable emergence of smart cities has a huge impact on urban...
    Urban Development Policy in Smart Cities
    17 October, 2019
  • Smart cities need smart foundations. After a decade of trial and error, municipal leaders...
    Smart Infrastructure, the Matter that Smart Cities Are Built Upon
    5 September, 2019
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