We are pleased to inform of the launch of the Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master

If you want to create a successful Start-up or create an innovative group in your current company, learn the most used method in the Silicon Valley, and incorporate it into the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship of your city, this is your course. You can do it by the hand of some of the best entrepreneurs of Barcelona, along with prestigious experts in entrepreneurship, innovation and attracting investors. In addition to the course director, Erik Brieva, successful entrepreneur, we will have experts like Xavier Verdaguer, Marek Fodor, Luis Martín Cabiedes or Mathieu Carenzo.

The master we present is based on the “Lean Start-up” method of Eric Ries for the creation of new digital companies. Businesses can be targeted to any sector, while their core is based on the internet (apps, SaaS, e-commerce, etc.). Lean Start-up method works also well with any size existing companies, even in very large companies, where the intra-entrepreneur’s guru becomes relevant to launch innovative projects. In fact, the author of the method considers that “entrepreneur” should be considered as a qualification in all modern companies to grant their future growth.

In addition to the training in the method, the master incorporates a project of a Start-up creation. Each entrepreneur goal is to start up their company, with the support of the experts who form the team of teachers; a challenge that goes beyond the realization of the business plan and that follows the same line as the most advanced courses that are taught in Silicon Valley.

"Come alone or with your team, with or without an idea, we will help you to launch your business successfully."

The Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master is a program focused on teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs wanna-be who are willing to found a technology-based start-up. This program will permit the students to:

  • Learn and dominate Lean Start-up method.
  • Identify and solve the main management challenges that appear when creating a company.
  • Create the product or service based on ideas and put them into practice: marketing management, operations, financial management, negotiate with potential investors and make a successful business plan.

The Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master is focused on teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs or people who are willing to found a technology-based start-up. This program can also be completed in the classroom modality in Barcelona. More information about the Master’s Degree in Digital Entrepreneurship at the UPC School.


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